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  1. heatherusa

    Can anyone tell me why they did that?

    I used foxit and was able to save everything.
  2. heatherusa

    Two good things happened today despite me pouting!

    I used tax returns to get employment years and addresses. You could also try and look at old resumes. Glad your day is going well!
  3. heatherusa


    So happy for you!
  4. heatherusa

    Could he be a US Citizen and not even now it? HELP with FBI Clearnace

    They take your greencard away from you when you become a citizen of the US. Also, he would have attended a ceremony where he took an oath. If he was that old he would remember it. They probably checked the wrong box or made an assumption if he didnt fill out the fingerprint card completely.
  5. heatherusa

    Please post your FBI request times.

    The FBI doesnt accept digital submission ie. sending them electronically. Digital prints on a card are good.
  6. heatherusa

    Payment of Fees

    I paid with two credit cards. I had two separate receipts. I believe I did 490 on one and 550 on the other. Just include both receipts in the application.
  7. heatherusa

    new york city office?

    The whole application is mailed to Mississauga and then forwarded to the appropriate visa office - you do not send you PR application directly to the visa office that processes it.
  8. heatherusa

    FBI - Freaking Out!!

    we waited two months and redid the FBI check just in case they asked for it (we sent it but separate from the original appl) and they did. For me,spending the extra 18 dollars was worth it, even it it had just been piece of mind.
  9. heatherusa

    FBI check back - how do I know if I'd be "inadmissable"?

    You will need a new FBI certificate that is less than three months old when you submit your application.
  10. heatherusa

    immigration sized photos for medical appointment?

    The space for the pictures on the forms that the DMP fills out is Canadian passport size. If the DMP is asking for pp size you should take them - it would be horrible if they made you leave to go and take more. Also the specs in the guide are passport size
  11. heatherusa

    Applying for Visa (Inland) for Irish Husband and his Children

    You can apply outland while inside Canada as long as the applicant is able to return to the country through which they applied if they are required for an interview. IMO, if your application is straightforward and your husband doesnt have a criminal conviction or complicated history, then you...
  12. heatherusa

    Barely got through pearson today!

    Make sure you have your notarized letter from your ex stating that they are allowing you to bring your children to Canada or the legal documentation showing you dont need his permission or you wont get past the IO at the airport.
  13. heatherusa vehicle import form (form 1), and paid RIV fee what??

    I paid my fees online and got an email letter that I had to take to the inspection place. From there they did the inspection and gave me another form to take to the registrar in Alberta. They logged the paperwork that I got for federal inspection and gave me a provincial inspection form that I...
  14. heatherusa vehicle import form (form 1), and paid RIV fee what??

    You need to take your car and the paperwork from RIV to a registered inspection place to have the car inspected. They will give you more paperwork that you will take to the province to get the car registered. will have a list of places near you that can do the inspection.
  15. heatherusa

    Canadian Phone Carriers?

    Mobilicity has a really great deal right now.... I went there before we went to Bell. Unfortunately, although we live in Edmonton we werent in their coverage area and basically any phone call we make from home would be roaming. Thats the thing to watch with the smaller cell phone companies...
  16. heatherusa

    Forgot to pay RPRF now what?

    Did you fax or email the copy of the receipt of RPRF to your visa office? If not then do so right away.
  17. heatherusa

    Canadian Phone Carriers?

    We just did it today through Bell and my husband only had his PR card and I dont have any credit in Canada since I have been gone for so long. He didnt need a security deposit and neither did I but the Bell Rep wasnt sure if we would need a deposit or not. It turns out we didnt because it...
  18. heatherusa

    question about when my wife arrives in Canada

    Your wife can do two things. 1. She can tell them in customs that she is not ready to land and is just coming for a visit - she doesnt have to land right away, just before the date that the visa expires. 2. She can land when she comes in and then return to her country and when the card...
  19. heatherusa

    Volunteering while waiting for PR...?

    Could they not help the MIL out of the goodness of their heart and the MIL provide accommodation out of the goodness of hear heart?