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  1. djboinsk

    landing without importing car at the exact same time

    Yes Chevy Canada has the info but charges $270 for the letter. So we'll suck it up and pay it. Just wanted to give a heads up to others.
  2. djboinsk

    landing without importing car at the exact same time

    I'm pretty sure it needs to be from the manufacturer (from everything i've read and seen). I would'nt risk a print never know what they might say when landing and it would be a shame to delay it because of the wrong paper. JMO though maybe others have used printouts and it worked?
  3. djboinsk

    landing without importing car at the exact same time

    Oh believe me we fought with Chevy USA and they refuse to do anything. Theyjust make us call the number in Canada where we have to pay. >:(
  4. djboinsk

    landing without importing car at the exact same time

    Just a update. Called Chevy and the Clearence letter is $270!!!! Hoping its made of gold,I think its awful to charge that much for a piece of paper stating you have no recalls.
  5. djboinsk

    landing without importing car at the exact same time

    We called Chevy USA today and they told us to call Chevy Canada even though its made in the USA... ??? oh well we will try that number tommorow and see.
  6. djboinsk

    landing without importing car at the exact same time

    Can the recall letter be from a Chevy dealer here in Canada? Not sure where else to get it from.
  7. djboinsk

    mistake in application,pls help

    I would call them and let them know.
  8. djboinsk

    Disability Question

    Can a Perm resident collect Disability? My husband did not have it in the USA (was going to apply before he came here but didn't). Just wondering if he'd even be considered or would I have to pay it back?
  9. djboinsk

    Landing questions

    bumping in hopes that someone knows. I did search forums but could not find the answer to my first question.
  10. djboinsk

    Landing questions

    My husband plans on landing in March (outland but currently has valid vistors visa). My mom,myself,my daughter and of course my husband planned to cross the border and was wondering if we can spend the weekend in the states before landing(thought we'd do some shopping) Is this allowed? Also he...
  11. djboinsk

    Forgot to pay RPRF now what?

    Ours was only delayed a few weeks, you should be ok.
  12. djboinsk

    We Just Got PPR Via Email!!

    THank you so much to those that replied. So we send in the photos and passport along with height/eye color and they will send us something back with more instructions?
  13. djboinsk

    Question about passport request

    So even if he is in Canada we still need to send the Xpresspost envelope? Just got our PPR so want to do everything right. :)
  14. djboinsk

    We Just Got PPR Via Email!!

    I can't believe it went so fast!! Ok questions,questions. Photos- I'm assuming passport type is what they want along with height and eye color written on seperate piece of paper by us? Does he get his passport back or just the Perm Resident card? How long does it usually take to receive perm...
  15. djboinsk

    Question I Should Know But I Don't...

    Ok once PR is granted is it good forever? Do we ever have to reapply? I know you have to get a new PR card after so many years but do we have to go through the same process over again?
  16. djboinsk

    Question regarding criminal history on background declaration form

    Do not answer the question until you get your state and FBI checks back in the mail. If they are clear you can answer no. We had a very similar situation and I was told by a very repuatble member here to do just this. Everything has been fine with no problems.
  17. djboinsk

    Thread for Applications Sent July 2010!!!

    Well we finally got hubbys visitor visa extended. We applied in July and asked for 1 year thinking we'd probaly get 6 months. However they gave him a year!!! So he's good until August 2011! We are so happy. :) I'm pretty sure our app will be done by hat so hopefully he won't have to go back to...
  18. djboinsk

    Medical Question..

    Did he give her a copy or anything?
  19. djboinsk


    In process since Spet 14 2010. We are alomst at the end. :) Forgot to add our visa office is Buffalo.