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  1. can_usa_97

    Landing Question

    OhCanadiana is correct, although my husband (the Canadian) was present when I landed it is not required. He actually moved before the kids & I. Came back and moved the Uhaul with us and waited on the side. They never spoke to him or acknowledged him.
  2. can_usa_97

    Spousal sponsorship and dual citizenship confusion!

    I am not sure but honestly, the status you are when you get married shouldn't play a part in what passport you PR with. I understand where your concerned, but I could chose to get married in Eygpt as a American to my Canadian fiance but I'm still American. While you are both Egyptian and...
  3. can_usa_97

    Family in USA to Canada?

    We've just done this recently. There are other costs to note that you may not have thought about-we thought about most but others we hadn't really expected to be as high (the hydro deposit or the unexpected brakes thing (the US has very different standards apparently!) Are you bringing...
  4. can_usa_97

    Proof of relationship documents

    We sent pretty much what FS did, as well as copies of any joint banking/bills we could and letters from my husbands family (the Canadian in teh relationship:)) discussing their desire for us to return, and helped with teh intent portion for his commitment since he'd been living in the states for...
  5. can_usa_97

    obtaining health insurance in Ontario

    Yeah you most definitely need something with a name on it with your current address. I made the mistake and thought my paper license would work -it wouldn't. I had to go back down with a paper bill-why this is different I have no clue?!! I'd gotten my paper license the day prior when they...
  6. can_usa_97

    What can serve as evidence of relationship for spouse for proof of relationship

    My husband and I only got married at the courthouse and had photos of that. Just because the ceremony is later does not mean your marriage is less valid and showing that event will have meaning. We've been married 15 years in October and still have never had a ceremony. I put a document...
  7. can_usa_97

    Thread for outland Buffalo applicants!

    I had no issue at all crossing at Port Huron./Sarnia with our vehicles. My husband did a month before me with one and I with the other and a HUGE uhaul full of things. I had faxed before, the one weeks before, and the other was 6 days before.
  8. can_usa_97

    Thread for Applications Sent July 2010!!!

    Congrats to everyone who has made it further! I'm jsut writing to update. I am now in Canada, been here 5 weeks now. The kids are adjusting well and I am mostly, the things I am having trouble adjusting to have more to do with letting go of our house (which sold!! Yippee - this as much as it...
  9. can_usa_97

    FBI Clearance Check Question

    I also sent mine tracked, so I would know when it arrived. I also insured it - call me silly but it being delayed would cost us time and money. I did the same when I sent my passport. $2 insurance was worth it. Mine took 2 1/2 months door to door.
  10. can_usa_97

    Always carry?

    Thanks- good tip on the dates out of the country. It is tucked away in the lockbox now - it is super nice not to need to carry it with me on a daily basis. I always hated that hubby had to in the states.
  11. can_usa_97

    Always carry?

    Now that I am in Canada, I have been carrying my PR card with me - mainly because I hadn't taken it out since I arrived and was using it for various things to setup accounts, ect. Anyhow. My husband as a Green Card holder had to ALWAYS have his with him/on him. I can't find anything that says...
  12. can_usa_97

    Thread for outland Buffalo applicants!

    So I settled and am now living in London, Ontario, woot woot! Crossing was a breeze, I seriously expected something different, even though I know I've read other accounts of it being so fast too. We arrived at Blue Water, went wrongly into the 'trucks' area. Got an escort to the traffic area...
  13. can_usa_97

    Pictures supporting the relationship

    It is my opinion that for a common-law you have much more to prove, especially a 2 year common law. Don't get me wrong -I dont' think you'll have issues. I only mean that clearly it's not apple to apple any situation ever. Good luck! I think what you have will be great and looking at a photo is...
  14. can_usa_97

    Landed but PR Card application delayed

    I'm sorry you had issues. I landed, in Ontario at the Salute ST Marie without issue in this manner and returned to the US - till Sunday (almost 4 months) I will move and import my car at that time. However, the IO asked ME to provide an address of family or friends in Canada who they could send...
  15. can_usa_97

    Pictures supporting the relationship

    I think the situations are different, you have 2 years to prove and I have a green card holding husband who has been here 14 years and we have 4 year old twins... are you married ? or is it common law? I think if you are married you may not need as many.
  16. can_usa_97

    Pictures supporting the relationship

    I kept the document so I can print it off again :) Would be fun to keep up with it perhaps, over the years.
  17. can_usa_97

    Thread for outland Buffalo applicants!

    My ECAS did not update right away either.
  18. can_usa_97

    Thread for outland Buffalo applicants!

    So the day has come, yippee and sad at the same time of course... leaving our home, ect. I pickup my hubby on Saturday and we start our travel on Sunday, crossing the border on Monday (our new home is only about an hour from Sarnia). I'll post my stuff when we arrive -I will lose my internet...
  19. can_usa_97

    Pictures supporting the relationship

    I put our 160ish photos in to a word document that outlined time from our first conversation to the day I printed it off. It was about 85 pages, I tried to account for every month of every year, anything I could point out about what was happening, where we were, what our life was like and a...
  20. can_usa_97

    Question about moving back to USA

    My husband moved to the US from Canda 14 years ago in December - except that he moved back last month to Canada and I am moving in a few days to be with him, as a PR. We did have a different process when he moved here. Scylla is right, there is a minimum income requirement. I was 16 at the...