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    PR Refused under CEC

    You would need a new letter from your employer offering you employment for at least one year after you become a permanent resident (or permanent employment after you become a permanent resident). The old letter that you have already used for your work permit does not meet these requirements...
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    NOC 1111 with 2 year accounting diploma - CEC ANYONE???

    Depends on your job duties and responsibilities....
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    Work history change after ITA

    Depends what kind of change. Some changes hae no impact on the application, and you simply correct any errors in the profile on the actual application. Some changes however can make you ineligible. You have to be more specific for people to give you a reasonable answer.
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    How to remove Spouse/Dependent form Express Entry After Application payment .....

    Sorry, this is confusing - are you asking about changing your profile (before getting the ITA) or changing an application (AFTER getting the ITA?) There is no "queue" - you either meet the points required, or you don't, to receive an ITA. There is no credit for time served. If you are...
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    CEC work experience

    You are asking for trouble if you are cutting things that close. If possible, work an extra week or two before applying. That said, IRCC is not going to squabble over the difference between 52 weeks (364 days) or 12 full months (365 days), or a weekend not being included in your dates of...
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    T4A work experience for CEC ?

    Scylla is correct, T4As are issued to self-employed, and IRCC definitely looks at that (esp. if no other evidence is provided). The work permit is irrelevant, as the OP appears to be on an open work permit. We don't know if the OP has a contract or what it says. Sometimes, applicants are able...
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    Internship full time on implied status for pgwp

    Yes, as long as it is in a skilled occupation (NOC O, A, or B).
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    Internship full time on implied status for pgwp

    Incorrect. Work experience counts from the date you apply for the PGWP.
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    Counting working experience between graduation and work permit

    From the date you applied for your PGWP.
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    Noc 1241 & 1452 (struggling...)

    ??? Don't understand the question. It is a skilled NOC and therefore eligible.
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    How to remove my spouse from My PR application

    You can submit a request to IRCC to change her status to "non-accompanying" with an explanation, and then her biometrics will not be required, and she will not get PR status with you.
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    Change of noc codes to count one year experience.

    The NOC codes do not have to be the same.
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    PGWP & Sole Proprietor

    1. Yes. 2. No.
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    Self-employment / Sole proprietor

    Well, if you listed it in your Profile, you will be asked for all the documentation. You did not need to list self-employment it in your profile, since it is not eligible for points. You DO need to list it in your eAPR under Personal History. If you can delete the job from your profile after...
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    BOWP- When to apply?

    You could apply now. You could also wait until the day your current permit expires (not recommended, in case of computer glitches). Yes, you will be able to continue to work on "implied status," as long as you remain in Canada. If you leave Canada while your BOWP is in process, you lose...