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    Study Visa Delay May 2018 Intake

    I applied on June 14th too at VFS Hyderabad (Processing is being done by Bangalore Immigration Office. My course starts on Sept 15th. Its already past the 7th week and there is no update on the status of my study permit. If anyone faced the same issue kindly share your experience. (12th: 95% B...
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    New Delhi (NDVO) 2018 - Spousal Sponsorship Outside Canada

    @spincysank I have sent my application on January 18th. Haven't received my AOR yet. Is there a way to check the status with CIC call center without the client Id/UCI ?
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    I have received request for medical and PCC . I have sent the PCC and DD . Medicals were sent by doctor. But due to a courier error (Fedex) there was a delay in delivery by one day. They were supposed to reach by Sunday(9th Nov). But they reached by 10th. Is this delay acceptable or Am i...