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  1. jatt-going-canada

    Question regarding spousal sponsorship and open work permit application

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to get married next year and we're trying to build a timeline of events. I am a Canadian citizen and my wife is US citizen. After getting married, she'll be here as a visitor. My question is regarding applying for PR and open work permit Can both applications be sent...
  2. jatt-going-canada

    PR card expiring and travel plans

    My brother didnt realize that his PR card his expiring. He has applied for renewal and we applied for faster processing back in October but haven't heard back anything yet. He does meet all the criteria to remain permanent resident. So what happens if he leaves Canada before the PR card arrives...
  3. jatt-going-canada

    IMPORTANT!! CIC proposing changes in parents program!! TAKE SURVEY

    cic is proposing a change in p&g programs.. the points are ridiculous.. they suggest a fee of $40000 per person to sponsor.. means it will take 120000$ to sponsor 3 persons of your family.. its too much~!!!!!!!!!! and they are suggesting increased income level for eligibility to sponsor parents...
  4. jatt-going-canada

    ***CIC e-cas FEEDBACK SURVEY*****

    take part in CIC e-cas feedback survey link and ask for more frequent updates.. :P
  5. jatt-going-canada

    [request}ielts video lectures

    anyone have links for videos of ielts lectures.. learning from videos is more interesting than reading pdfs... thanks
  6. jatt-going-canada

    *INFO* parents sponsorship process and documents

    here i will share my experience about the process ..i hope it will be helpful for someone the process goes like this.. 1.sponsor files the application in canada (better do through a registered immigration lawyer he will tell you which docs are needed) 2.processing time is 3-4 years.. 3.the file...
  7. jatt-going-canada

    avg time after PPR (passport request) at new delhi

    anyone who got thier visa from new delhi.. how much time it took after sending passports? i sent our passports along with medicals and other documents.. almost a month now..nothing :(
  8. jatt-going-canada

    avg time after medicals+passports..

    hi everyone.. do you guys have some idea about the avg time it takes when embassy asks for medicals+passport together?? i have family case..applied it aug 2007 it took 4 years and 4 months..finally embassy asked for documents+medicals+passports..i been waiting for visa now from almost a month...
  9. jatt-going-canada


    so am going to canada(family case) in a month or so hopefully.. i want to study there.. here i am +2 pass am currently doing bcom 2nd year.. i dont wana do commerce in canada..i am interested in computers.. i want to take information technology.. since am going to bc..i guess kwantlen is good...