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    Immigration process for Medical Doctors

    Thanx PMM, As always you are a great help. For some unknown reasons, i was under the impressions that doctors have some previliges over other immigriants so far as the processing of application is concerned. FinPro
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    Immigration process for Medical Doctors

    Re: Medical Doctors I need information on the immigration procedure of medical doctors. and not about the medical doctors authorized to conduct tests for immigration. More specifically are they entitled to some kind of speedy processing etc?
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    Immigration process for Medical Doctors

    Hello, Need adivice on immigration of Medical Doctors to Canada. Can some one guide me to specific details / requirements about it? Any help will be appreciated. FinPro
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    How to get a job offer

    SoftnCool, U dint read feline message properly buddy, it is mentioned that s/he needs a job offer to get to required points for Skilled Worker. For Vidhven, I agree with my friend Eduardo. For Feline, I agree with egyman but i also do agree with vj.
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    Do I qualify?

    a_badr Since you are in IT field. Try you luck for a job offer.
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    Fraud Advisory Warning!

    This is the warning I found on CIC's website. Attention all Visa and Work Permit Applicants: Citizenship and Immigration Canada has learned that Visa and Work Permit applicants may be tricked into buying false documents. In several cases, apparently, the victims are offered high-paying jobs in...
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    VISA Issuance in Buffalo - Can I go there in person ?

    Hi, Yes you can go there but perhaps only on Tuesday and Thursday. Please refer to following discussion about the same subject by our senior member PMM.;topicseen#msg8737 Regards FinPro
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    Passport validity; PMM please help with query

    Hi, It is in your intrest to have passport that are valid for a minimum of one year as this is the max time for the expiry of visa. The visa will expire in the event of ANY ONE of the following: 1. One year from the date of medicals; or 2. Expiry of the passport.
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    PPR received

    Hi, Congrats & Best of luck.
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    News News

    Congrats Buddy, The wait is over :D
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    Processing Time (From UK)

    Good News Mountain !!! Way to go buddy. Best of luck.
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    gyucel23, Thanks for the feed back. Wat about ur job hunt?
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    information required

    I dont think these kind of stats are available.
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    Canadian website for cost of living

    You can check Canadian Revenue Agency website. It may give you some idea about the taxes.
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    Processing Time (From UK)

    Mountain, the most obvious reason for the delay is the volume of applications against the quota of visas to be issued. Softncool, check this thread by our friend mikeramma for the other sites.
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    Processing Time (From UK)

    Hi Mountain, I read on other forums that application with in ur time frame has been delayed for upto 6 months. But since you have updated the info recently, you can wait a lil or order CAIPS to see wats going on.
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    questions related to visit visa invitation letter

    Imran, For the update information, visit the following link Regards FinPro
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    applying for wife create delay or not???

    hI heart_of_skies, It should not create any delays. It may, though, elevate your chances as ur spouse is a Doctor. Regards FinPro
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    Canadian Employment Taxes

    ap8329, there are tax credits like child tax benefit, refund of gst etc but this is too wide a topic to cover. Therefore, please visit the Canadian Revenue Agency's website mentioned in the original post to get more information.
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    Indian Folks

    I agree with Dipali