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    Creat EE profile or Not

    I think u can create the profile before completing 1 year but you wont be able to claim any points for the Canadian experience before completing 1 year. So if u get the ita before completing 1 year based upon the points tht u claim for canadian experience, i think it wont be correct. My personal...
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    Can I update profile after submission?

    This is from IRCC website: See what language level you have based on your test results in: Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens (NCLC) We will use the test results as proof of your language skills. Your test results must be valid (less than two...
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    July 2018 AOR - join here

    Sorry bro no idea which VO. I never actually asked the CIC agent. I ordered fror the GCMS notes on Oct 20th. Got PPR email before the notes.
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    July 2018 AOR - join here

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    July 2018 AOR - join here

    Thank you so much. Hope everyone get the magical email soon :-)
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    July 2018 AOR - join here

    My Brother got PPR email today. Thanks everyone for all the help. Timelines: AOR 7th July Med Passed and IP1 in Sept IP2 27th Oct PPR 14th Nov FSW-O
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    Anyone spending more than 10 days on IP2 after a long IP1?

    In IP1 for about 125 days and now in IP2 for about 15 days. AOR Date : 7th July
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    July 2018 AOR - join here

    My brother has almost similar timelines as yours just a day here and there. There was a ghost update in his profile yesterday even though it is a weekend!! Waiting for PPR
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    July 2018 AOR - join here

    My brother's AOR date : 7th July Medical Passed in Sept (don't remember the date exactly) Moved to IP2 on 28th Oct There was a ghost update today in his profile. Nothing changed at all. Is it a step closer to PPR? We are anxiously waiting for some positive news
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    July 2018 AOR - join here

    Yes he is in India
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    July 2018 AOR - join here

    My brother's AOR date was 7th July. MEP passed and IP1 stage was 14th Sept (Your application is in progress. We will send you a message when we start your background check) The account status changed to IP2 yesterday 29th Oct. So hang on things will move on. We applied for the GCMS notes on...
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    Issue with WES - Need help : University of Madras

    Hi One of my friend also received the same response but for some other university in Delhi. So he called up WES and they advised him, that if the college did not receive any verification request then some one from the college/university must call WES and complete the verification over the phone.
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    How to change address after landing in Canada? I landed a week ago, I get an error message online.

    Hi You need to call CIC to update your address. You will not be able to modify it online.
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    Need information about adding a new born to profile

    Dear Experts Need your invaluable advice for my friend who is applying for a PR. He has already submitted his express entry profile. He has not received ita as of now. He recently had a baby. So how can we add the new born baby to his profile before getting the ita. There is no option to do it...
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    Doubts regarding applying in CEC

    Hi I don't think there is any additional support required once you complete 1 year. I will give you an example of my case. I came to Quebec on work permit on 24th May 2016 for a project of around 2 years. But unfortunately my project got over on 31st May 2017 and i went back to my home country...
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    Sample Intent to reside outside Quebec Letter

    You can upload the letter of intent under the "Optional Documents" column. I did that mine in this section and never got any further request.
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    PR card application not linking to CIC account

    Hi I landed on 24th March at Toronto. But still unable to link the application. i called up cic to get my address updated and they told me that it takes time for the case to be visible online. So i would suggest to call them ask for the status update and pr card as well.18882422100 is the number.
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    August CEC Applicants

    Thank you so much for your good wishes. I submitted the letter of intent along with my complete application after receiving the ita. There is no option to submit any document before you get the ita. I submitted the letter of intend under the link "Optional Documents" after getting the ita.
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    August CEC Applicants

    There is nothing special that i did for my PR process. Actually i was lucky to get the my Canada experience letter from the parent company in India as well as from my customer in Canada which i think helped alot in proving my Canadian Experience. ALong with this i submitted my 12 months salary...