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    Soft landing in Vancouver

    Hi all I am an Indian citizen living in US, I plan to softland before end of the month. Do you have any idea as to how safe is to travel across border, when it comes to immigration rules. I saw the latest update that CoPR are allowed to travel to Canada, but I am not sure if I can travel back to...
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    Corona Virus threat to Travel , COPR expires on 24th April 2020

    I just read in a group that CoPR is not allowed. But I am waiting for some official confirmation too!!!
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    Corona Virus threat to Travel , COPR expires on 24th April 2020

    I’m flying on 21st too!! I am checking regarding CoPR as well. Let me know when you have an update. I will update when I have any. Thanks
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    Corona Virus threat to Travel , COPR expires on 24th April 2020

    Hey Ankur, where are you planning to land? I have the flight in same day too! But not sure if we can travel or not
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    Regulations shared by CIC for Corona virus

    Hi Guys, I have my CoPR and my schedule is to travel to Canada on March 21st. I am not sure if I have to go ahead or not. I live in the US and planning to soft - land. Any info guys !!? Please help me here
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    Soft Landing: Need info for Seattle - Vancouver border

    Hi I am planning to do soft landing via road via peace arch border crossing. I just wanted to know if you had any problems and did you just follow google maps? Can you please give me more details.
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    Checklist for soft landing

    Hi I am planning to do the soft landing in Vancouver. Do you know if generating the SIN is possible on weekends? did you land in weekend as per the thread and how did it go ?
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    Travel to Canada - Settling in Help

    Thank you!! Should I also open a bank account on the same day ? Is it mandatory?
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    Travel to Canada - Settling in Help

    Hi, I am planning for a soft landing in march and I have couple of questions 1. How long should we stay when we do a soft landing 2. I live in US, can I just go on a weekend trip and come back? 3. I know people speak about generating SIN and creating bank account, will those be available...
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    My Soft Landing Experience at YVR (Vancouver International)

    Hey! That was an interesting story and thanks for all of this. I am planning to soft land in Vancouver, can you give me some tips on what are the things we need to do once we get out of the airport? and how many days will I have to stay there for ? Appreciate your help Thanks
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    Soft Landing Minimum Days

    hey hi is there a minimum number of days that you should stay??
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    Sending passport from USA to Canada

    Hi I just got my PPR email I am a resident of US and holding US passport. Can you please advise me steps for sending the passport. Also I see some posts which says I have to write my details behind the photo, but no as such instructions given in the email received Your help is much appreciated...
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    Do we have to inform CIC if job changes after AoR?

    Hi , was it useful informing CIC regarding change of job ? and do we have to do it ?
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    Proof of Funds (Express Entry)

    Hi did you submit the PoF from the cooperative bank ? And was it accepted??? I am planning to do the same too.
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    Proof of funds sample

    For people in the US, can some one give me the sample letter for proof of funds? and also the details of what all you submitted for proof of funds. I got a letter from my bank, and not sure if that is sufficient as it shows the current balance only.
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    Employment Letters from TCS , Cognizant , IBM

    Hi, I am an ex-IBMer , I sent a mail to and there is no reply. Can you please help
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    IBM Reference letter

    Hi, I am an ex-IBMer too, can you please provide the link for to raise the request for reference letter?
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    Canada Express Entry 2019 Questions

    Also I am not able to access the link above.
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    Canada Express Entry 2019 Questions

    Thank you very much for your reply. In my case my manager is not in IBM anymore and my team was dissolved and all my colleagues moved to different company or team . How do I give my managers contact? Any idea ?
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    Canada Express Entry 2019 Questions

    Hi, Did you figure out a way ? I am facing the same issue, nobody is responding to my e-mail