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    AVR rule question - Day 1 CPT

    In the same boat. Expired F1, Day 1 CPT, and expiring CoPR by mid-August 2020. What happened to you guys!! Any luck crossing the border and back to the States. Keep updating for us people & yes, stay safe!!
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    PR landing experience and getting back to US using AVR

    Hello, I am in the same boat as you. Expired F1 Visa. Could you share with me any details on soft landing in this situation, if you have any new updates. Thanks in Advance.
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    Sending passport from USA to Canada

    Hello All, Just a quick question. When sending my passport for stamping, I sent both my old and new passports, tied them with a rubber band and sent it. Will that create a problem? I mean shouldn't I have sent only the new one. Thanks, Chan.
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    Sending passport from USA to Canada

    FedEx has one of the worst websites ever designed in the whole history of humankind. It took me nearly an hour over the phone with one of their customer service agent to successfully create an international shipping label along with return label!! The best thing is to call them and they will...
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    Lost Indian Passport in USA: PR estimated time: March 2020

    Hello kind folks, I have applied for Canadian PR through Express Entry and my estimated time is March '20 first week. As luck would have it, I lost my passport recently. I know that I need to apply for new passport and it may take around a month or two to get it. Could you please let me know...