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    Tax Marital Status

    Hi all, so my accountant filed my last 3 years taxes to the CRA, but put my marital status as single, even though I've been common law for 2 years with my non Canadian partner. Question- is CIC going to be like WTF? And is the CRA also going to be wondering what's up? I think I'll tell the...
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    Pulling a U-Turn at US border for landing

    Hi all, just a quick enquiry about the landing process. We haven't gotten the copr yet but I'm curious about the process of landing by driving over the US border and driving around back into Canada. Is this a common thing? My PA is not from a usa visa exempt country (romania), does she need a...
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    Change Mailing address outside Canada?

    Hey everyone, my PA needs to change her mailing address. The application is at LVO. I tried changing it on the ECAS page 3 weeks ago and it isn't updated yet. Do I have to change it thru London embassy since it's being processed in LVO? If so, how do I do that? Any help would be awesome
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    Extend a visitor visa while waiting?

    Hi all, can anyone help me figure out how to apply online to extend a Canada visitor visa? I made a gckey for the applicant. The govt site says applying online is quick and beneficial etc, yet doesn't actually tell me how. Just sends me in an endless loop. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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    Messages after aor2

    Do application messages still come to the sponsors email after aor2? Just wondering if the aor2 email will go to the PA or something. I got a message 2 weeks ago from Sydney saying the application was transfered to lvo, but no email from lvo yet confirming. Thanks for the help
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    Extend a visitor visa while waiting?

    Hi all, my spouse entered Canada under dual intent, a 6 month visitor visa. It'll run out in late January, a month before the estimated completion date of our application. Has anyone here ever extended a visitor visa for their partner? Is it tricky? Thanks for any tips
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    Address change during application?

    Hey all, I'm going to be moving back to Canada soon from the UK, and my partner will be visiting a month later. She'll be in Canada til December, so should I change her address to mine in Canada in the CIC account?
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    Health insurance while waiting for PR?

    Hi all, my partner will be visiting me in Canada for a few months while our application proceeds, I'm just wondering if yall have any suggestions for travel/health insurance? Any cheap but decent plans? Thanks for any tips
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    Additional document question

    Hi all, I had to upload a second police check which I did a month ago. My account still just says "additional document uploaded". I received sponsorship approval in late March and got the biometrics and medical passed in mid April. The request for additional documents was April 4th. Should I...
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    Create separate account for PA?

    HI folks, I'm wondering if I need to make a second CIC account for my partner using their UCI? Or does all correspondence come to my sponsors account? Thanks for any help
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    Submitted extra police check without UCI

    Hello all, I got a request for an extra police check, I uploaded it thru my CIC account but there was nowhere to type my app number or UCI. is this gonna be an issue? Or should it be fine considering its online? Thanks everyone
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    Additional documents, 2 month delay?

    Hi folks, I got a request for an additional police check, for my partners country of birth. It wasn't asked for in the application, only the police check from where she's resided the most since age 18 (uk). We checked country specific requirements, and nothing came up. Just wondering if this is...
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    Linking paper application to Canada account problems

    So I've seen a thousand threads on this topic, all with a thousand bizarre solutions/paths to successfully linking the application to the GCKey account. I've tried 10 times using various methods to do it, with no luck. Put in my UCI and application number, tried my info, then the PAs info...
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    Priblem linking uci to gckey after aor1...

    Hi folks, I got my aor1 2 days ago but I can't link the application to my account... I was able to check the status (in progress) on the cic site so I know they have it. Does it sometimes take a while to be able to link it? Thanks a bunch
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    How long til AOR1?

    Hi all, I've sent my application for outland spousal sponsorship in feb, the post office tracking says it arrived Feb15th. How long until the CIC contacts me saying anything at all? I just wanna know if they actually received it.. thanks for any help
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    Checklist medical, check or n/a or blank

    Hi everyone. On the checklist, I'm not including the medical yet, do I leave it blank or write n/a? Does every blank box on the checklist need an n/a written in it? Probably silly question but I'm about to send it and am paranoid lol, thanks for any clarification!
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    Checklist medical, check or n/a

    Hi all, just going thru the checklist, at part 6 on page 8, "medical examination". Do I put a check in the box, or n/a? I'm not submitting a medical exam at this time. Do they want it checked just to show I've reviewed it? Also, on the checklist, do I put n/a in literally every box that I...
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    Schedule A, sponsor fills too?

    I'm a Canadian sponsoring my common law partner, do I fill out a schedule A too? Or just the principal applicant? Thanks a bunch for any help
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    Job history, subcontractor?

    Hi folks, I'm sponsoring my common law partner and am curious what I should put in my job history. I was a subcontractor for several companies, I was not their employee and I didn't have a company name, just a GST number for tax purposes. What should I put for employer? Self employed I assume...
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    Certified true copies...

    I'm just reading the complete guide and it mentions Certified true copies. Do all my photocopies (tenancy agreement, passport, bills etc) need to be certified? Thanks