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  1. jahrule

    What documents will I need for a child I had in my teens with my now husband

    Not sure if this help. My husband and I werent married when we had our first, therefore, his name was not on my son birth certificate. I applied for everyone as primary applicant. They sent back asking for non-accompany form (even though they both were on the application) from my husband and...
  2. jahrule

    Resigning from My Company Soon

    Detailed experience letter on compay letterhead.
  3. jahrule

    How to add a newborn to Express Entry profile.

    Oh sorry. I was asking because i have a newborn with a PR application just approved Tuesday. But since its not relevant for you to get help lets move.
  4. jahrule

    Can I apply for a work permit while my PR is being processed?

    Yes, i applied for my husband and recieved it.
  5. jahrule

    June/July 2019: Anyone who submitted the passport to CPC Ottawa

    I send my passport on the 2nd of July and it was received on the 4th. No word yet.
  6. jahrule

    September 2018 AOR - join here

    Good news ITA: Sept 05, 2018 AOR: Sept 29, 2018 MED: Oct 26, 2018 ADR : 11 from Oct - June RFV: June 27, 2019 This journey was a very hard and at times unbearable, unpredictable one (take for eg. Work permit expired Tuesday of thi week and i applied for BOWP paid 710 and look what happen today)...
  7. jahrule

    Visa Status for 2 year old

    You need to apply for a visitor records that allow the baby to stay as long as you guys. Can also apply at border that is where i got mine.
  8. jahrule

    Work Permit for SK Teacher

    Sorry was just trying to give some info, did not meant to confuse you
  9. jahrule

    Work Permit for SK Teacher

    With that said i clearly stated i was not responding to the LMIA, but the teachers license where it was stated foriegners are not able to get a licence with there foreign qualifications
  10. jahrule

    Work Permit for SK Teacher

    Not true, I am a licensed teacher in the same province you are talking about. Just got my license last and was teaching since January. In terms of the LMIA i cant speak to that as I am living here and holds a open work permit so there was no need for me to apply for one.
  11. jahrule

    PR rejected as incomplete while BOWP processing

    Can you please share how you go about applying for BOWP
  12. jahrule

    Bridging work permit on student visa

    Sure met the requirement, as i do have a open work permit and Aor. So just trying to get to the correct link as the one i used did not give me the option to upload the AOR as 1 of the documents. or that is done as adfitional documents?
  13. jahrule

    Bridging work permit on student visa

    How do i go about applying for the BOWP, because when i complete the eligibility test i do not get the AOR letter as 1 of the documents to upload only the medical report with passport, pictures and application to change conditition
  14. jahrule

    September 2018 AOR - join here

    Yes, this morning it told me that my application cannot be found. However, i did speak to an agent
  15. jahrule

    Stuck at "We are reviewing additional docs you provided" connect here

    Any luck with your application. What country are you from