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  1. expressca

    2 Ghost updates, No PPR yet

    Wondering if anyone else has got two ghost updates without PPR yet? Any insights what these updates mean? P.S. By ghost update, I mean checking the profile and finding the status as application/profile updated, without receiving email notification.
  2. expressca

    Job bank registration error

    Hi I am trying to register for the Job bank. Although everything is correct, I am stuck at step 3 with following error: "Error: You have entered an invalid Express Entry Profile Number and/or Job Seeker Validation Code" Any clue about this issue?
  3. expressca

    COPR sent to cic account or as an email?

    In regards to COPR message, is it sent directly to email or rather a message in cic account?
  4. expressca

    (Post AOR) Can you use your proof of funds after AOR?

    In regards to the submitted proof of funds, can I use some of it considering that the left amount is still above the minimum requirement?
  5. expressca

    BG check in processing while medical exam review is not initiated? Which stage is this?

    Hi, Review of medical results: You do not need a medical exam. We will send you a message if this changes. BG: We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information. Which stage is this please?
  6. expressca

    Forgot to upload ECA document (post-eAPR)

    Hi, I have uploaded my original education credentials in the education section but forgot to upload the ECA document although I did report its reference in the questionnaire. Please advise whether I need to contact the CIC. If yes, how do I contact them in this regards? Thanks
  7. expressca

    Do I need to show 6 months Banks statement if submitting a gift deed?

    Is there a need for a 6 months banks statement when submitting a gift deed?
  8. expressca

    Where to add Letter of explanation for gift deed?

    Hi, when adding a letter of explanation for gift deed, shall I add the LOE in the same pdf of the bank statement and gift deed letter or rather it should be uploaded in another separate section?
  9. expressca

    Gift deed with or without affidavit?

    Regarding the proof of funds, I have a gift deed as well as a letter of explanation regarding the gift deed. Is there a need to add an affidavit or its unnecessary?
  10. expressca

    Non-English/French stamps in Passport

    Hi I have Arabic stamps in my passport, do I need to translate them? What if I just submit them without translation?
  11. expressca

    Upfront Medical Exam or wait for instructions?

    Hi I am wondering whether I shall do the Medical exam before submitting my application or rather submit it and wait for the notification for the medical exam when it comes up? Which of the two options provides a faster processing and less hassle?
  12. expressca

    What are the best cities to reside in Canada?

    Best cities in terms of income, taxes, public services, healthcare, job opportunities, etc. Thanks!
  13. expressca

    Does it matter which province to choose in express entry applications?

    Was wondering if choosing to reside in certain places would help speed up my express entry application?
  14. expressca

    Which time (hour) does the CIC usually makes draws at?

    Which time (hour) does the CIC usually makes draws at? Thanks!
  15. expressca

    Applying for Express Entry while ECA in Progress

    Hi, I have applied for ECA and I am waiting for it. In the meanwhile, is it possilbe to apply for express entry becuase I know what it will be evaluated (My friend who was studying with me already applied his ECA and I thus I know how it will be evaluated) So can I create an express entry...
  16. expressca

    What is the HST Refund from WES?

    I have noticed this topic circulating. What is this refund? What are the conditions and procedure to claim such a refund?