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    Withdrawn charge, should I mention it in the application?

    Hello, I had a charge with assault last year Oct and got withdrawn this Feb with no condition. I requested for a finger print and photograph destruction, which is done as confirmed by the dept. of records. For my citizenship application, should I mentioned about it and attach the court copy and...
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    Charges will drop and citizenship application impact

    Hello I was cross charged for assault with my gf. I got waiver and I can talk to my gf and we both have the same lawyer to resolve this. We found the charge will get dropped. Do I need to worry about my citizenship application (like waiting for something) or I should be fine to apply?
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    CC 266 - Assault/Domestic violence and citizenship impact

    Hello Need your help to understand the possibilities for my citizenship application. I have plans to apply for my citizenship around march, but I got arrested for assault with my gf! Both got the charge arrested. We are still waiting for a result or negotiation with the crown. The trial dates...
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    COPR and Landing St. John, help

    Hello, Anyone did landing in St. John? I am not 100% sure how this works. Where I exactly need to go? I mean where is the boarder? Help plz.
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    CEC Inland, PPR and landing, experts help.

    I got my PPR email today. My question is, I will be travelling to Montreal from Halifax next week. Is there any way that I can do the landing or something like that? I haven't sent my passport, can I talk to an officer and make some arrangements with them at the airport? plz help.
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    What stage CIC review NOC code? Help

    Do they review NOC code and job under IP2 or what stage? My current timeline: CEC Inland AOR: August 20th MEP: September 5th No additional doc required: September 26th (Never asked for any) Current BCG: We are processing your background check (Since Sep 5th)
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    CEC Status/stage confirmation, help

    Hello All My AOR 28th Aug MEP 5th Sep I never noticed any NA under BCG. Just after passing the MEP on Sep 5th, I had the following: Application status We are processing your application. We will send you a message when there is an update or if we need more information from you. Review of...
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    CEC Vs. FSW: Processing time. Need some help plz

    I noticed people applying under FSW getting PPR request quickly compared to CEC. My AOR: August 20 MEP: Sep 5 IP1/NA: Never noticed Not sure about the IP stage. Current status, that shows immediately after MEP (Sep 5): Review of additional documents The additional documents you provided are...
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    EE - Application status help

    Applied from Canada AOR: Aug 20 Medical exam passed: Sep 5 Now it's showing: Application status: We are processing your application. We will send you a message when there is an update or if we need more information from you. Review of eligibility: We are reviewing whether you meet the...
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    Question regarding NOC, help appreciated

    Hello, So, I applied Staples in Halifax, NS. The name of the position is "Customer Service Representative", I know that this position generally falls under 'C'. However, I am confused, because the job description says I will receive calls from "small to medium sized businesses in the U.S.". In...
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    Got My Visa ~ VFS-Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Today I just collect my passport with that desired visa sticker.... :) Please pray for me, thanks.
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    Help: Student Visa (If obtained) then how to obtain a off campus work permit.

    Hello. I am from Bangladesh applied in Saint Mary's University for a 2 years MA program. If I get a student visa (Graduate level) then how to obtain a off work permit? When should I apply for it? I saw in that, I need to wait for 6 months out of 12 months to obtain a off campus work...