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    PR granted but visa expired before landing

    When did you PR visa expire?
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    Please i need help

    Sorry - I don't know.
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    Spousal PR- Apr 2022

    Thread is here:
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    Usa visit visa

    If you were included as a dependent in the F4 application, then I would recommend you select "yes".
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    Family Union

    Unfortunately there is really no way to bring them asap without a passport. Even with a valid passport, it will be difficult. It is really impossible for your father to obtain a new passport?
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    Legal action for non-payment of rent

    It's still not clear what you are talkign about. Do you mean your own money that you have saved for tuition and fees?
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    Legal action for non-payment of rent

    What do you mean by "education money"?
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    Please i need help

    Yes, you must continue to live in Canada for 2 out of every 5 ROLLING years to meet the PR residency obligation while you wait for your citizenship application to be processed. The expiry date on your PR card is irrelevant. It doesn't matter at all. So from Feb 2019, it was mandatory that...
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    Need immediate guidance for parents visitor visa

    Don't include the affidavit. It has no value and does not strengthen the application. Don't buy return tickets either. This also does not strengthen the application. It's good you are including the property documents. 1. Yes, you can reapply immediately. 2. Correct, do not mention care of...
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    options for NOC "C" code job in alberta

    What is your NOC in Alberta?
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    Visitor Visa Extension

    Calling IRCC won't help you. Whether your mother will be allowed to re-enter Canada is a CBSA decision when she arrives at the border after her trip outside of Canada. There is no way to guarantee re-entry. It's entirely up to CBSA. It has nothing to do with IRCC. A valid TRV doesn't guarantee...
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    Visitor visa for a Russian

    We are seeing many TRVs taking longer to process than the posted timeline right now. The reasons are that IRCC is prioritizing processing of other temporary visas, specifically study permits, work permits and the CUAET visas for Ukrainians who have been displaced and are escaping from the war...
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    Can you apply for PGWP with second program after previous PGWP refusal?

    You can try to withdraw the PGWP. Depending on how far along processing is, it may be too late to withdraw and IRCC may decide to complete processing. I expect the SOWP would be refused if the PGWP is successfully withdrawn.
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    Which bridge to choose for crossing with RO not met

    44 report means CBSA has submitted a residency non-compliance report which then starts the process of revoking your PR status (which you have the opportunity to challenge).
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    Visitor Visa Extension - Travel during the extension

    It's always up to CBSA. She probably will be but it's not guaranteed. A valid TRV doesn't automatically mean someone will be allowed into Canada.
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    Reference letter for stronger financial status

    I don't understand why you are considering including a letter stating the company is sending you abroad. They aren't. You are funding your studies yourself. It only makes sense to include this letter if your employer is in fact funding your studies and you include evidence of that in your...
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    Apply for common law after got LMIA

    Yes, if you get an approved open work permit, then you can switch employers and work for any employer. I assume your common law partner is Canadian, you've been living together for at least one full year, and have evidence to prove the 1 year of continuous cohabitation. If so, then your common...
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    Fraud happen with me in Immigration

    You'll need to respond to the PFL letter that you have received and tell IRCC that you did not know the LMIA was fraudulent and that you thought this was a real job and employer. The work permit is definitely going to be refused since the LMIA is fake. However what you have to hope is that...
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    full-time remote work on Student visa

    The "1/2" means it's one of two tweets on the same topic. It has nothing to do with working or the rules.
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    Any hope for Africans anymore?

    There's a Nigerian thread here (in the International Students section). Join those discussions.