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    Anyone with application at Warsaw Visa Office?

    Definitely go back to your MP and ask for help. Sorry to hear this has been taking so long.
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    March 2022 Spousal Sponsorship Applicants

    You should expect it is just like starting over, because it is. If it ends up being a bit faster, great, but don't count on it.
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    Soft landing in Emerson

    1. There's no trick as far as I can tell. If they think you're staying (basically) and address is residential, they will likely do the pR card bit. If it's clear you're not staying, they won't. Note that for those from US, it's possible they'll take the view that since you can arrive by land...
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    March 2022 Spousal Sponsorship Applicants

    I would wait and expect that mail from IRCC in Sydney may take 3 weeks, easily. Seriously - I think they have an issue with their mailroom. In the meantime, review what you submitted, triple check, and see what you would need to re-apply.
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    Request for visa couriering

    YOu have to look up instructions for the specific VFS office you are dealing with, different in every country.
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    My partner and I lived together for 1 year and 5 month need your help!

    Personally I do not see how claiming common law with spnsorship is substantively different than marriage with sponsorship (reminder: the sponsor takes on considerable responsibility in the undertaking) - but that's up to you. This is already better than what you referred to above - did you...
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    Travelling with dependants listed as accompanying

    No, you can - hypothetically - it's just that there is a risk for you and for her of having problems come up. (How complicated and how much of a risk depends a bit on your passports and from where, etc) But note: the problems for your daughter are not substantively different than for yourself...
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    My partner and I lived together for 1 year and 5 month need your help!

    No, it would be considered - as would basically all of what you provide - as evidence of cohabitation. You can prove you are married legally; you can for the most part only demonstrate with evidence that you resided together. It's up to IRCC officer to decide whether your evidence is sufficient...
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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    I was very unhappy as they were (in my view) being completely unreasonable. It all came down to - I had the original birth certificate and a photocopy of translation, but they didn't like it because translation was not dated and no stamp they could read (translation done abroad). I made the...
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    My partner and I lived together for 1 year and 5 month need your help!

    Did you/both of you update other official addresses - banking, driver's license, other government? Did you file taxes together? My guess would be that yes, you'd at least have a fairly serious risk of not being recognized as common law for 12 months. Obviously depends on your circumstances...
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    Travelling with dependants listed as accompanying

    The main issue will be that you will face is the need for the PR card to be able to fly to Canada. (Same issue for the eldest child to leave and return)/ That is: once you land, you will automatically apply for a PR card (you don't apply separately, it's part of the landing process). This can...
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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    I went to the Passport Office at Yonge and Shepherd (4900 Yonge) at about 6.15 and was similar experience overall in terms of the management. There were about 30 people in front of me, that narrowed to about 20 as the process weeded out those there for slightly different things. At about seven...
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    SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office

    You live outside Canada. Provide explanation of plans to settle, give some info, follow instructions . When you return to Canada advise them by we form and update address.
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    May 2022 Spousal Sponsorship Outland and Inland - Paper/Online

    If it's any comfort (and it should be), online files seem to be taking considerably longer to get the AOR (first step that makes everyone nervous).
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    Proof of Funds during First-Landing as a PR

    Showing you have readily available funds (ie deposits) in foreign bank account should be fine.
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    Regarding arrival or entry stamping on my passport in Toronto, as a PR

    As a PR they will likely not stamp your passport again (ever), and yes, all arrivals are captured electronically. (Exits are a bit more complicated - most have been captured since about 2020. Don't worry about that right now.)
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    JUNE 2021 *Outland* Spousal Sponsorship

    I would suggest that you NOT wait for a payment link but just pay it and send them the proof of payment: What does the letter mean? It means your file is approved subject to a new medical being ok, unless you can travel before September...
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    After a44(1) report....when will MD contact?

    Already been discussed in general terms - it could potentially mean that there is a report and none of your days 'count' and a removal order will come. So while we are saying 'advice' - the point is that getting better information, in a way that can be used, will probably require a lawyer. The...
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    May 2022 Spousal Sponsorship Outland and Inland - Paper/Online

    There's no particular advantage to applying online, apart from perhaps convenience. (Which is a non=factor once you have the paper application ready) So far anyway. The online is still a pilot project.
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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    Thank you so much! Very helpful to know.