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    Toronto VFS office is not sending email to pick up passport

    Hi, I applied for UK transit visa on December 3rd 2018 and received from UK visa office on 15th saying that my application has a decision and sent to the local visa office that is VFS Toronto.As per email from UK visa office VFS should contact me within 1 or 2 business days but now its been 5...
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    January 2018 Citizenship

    Hi, I live in London Ontario. I applied for my citizenship in January 2018. My passport is going to expire in November 2018 and my PR card card has been expired already.I have to visit India for some emergency reasons and flying on October 17th 2018. I checked the Online status and it says...
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    PR after divorce

    well m struggling with everything.its hard on me .but I want him to pay whatever he did to me so another girl can safe her life. So I guess talking to CIC or a lawyer is a good idea .
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    PR after divorce

    It is very hard and ill wait for final decision of my destiny. But yeah he came before me on study permit than i came on study permit and it was changed into visitor visa. and he filled pr for me as well.So the situation is not clear to me yet.I Now just for money or for a good dowry his family...
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    PR after divorce

    And i am really not sure I was dependent or he sponsored me
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    PR after divorce

    Even i was on vistor visa .
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    PR after divorce

    Hi , We received our PR in 2014 June and my husband is separated from me from july 2014 due to his family pressure. I was dependent on him on pr file and dont know if it was conditional or not . Is there anyone know if he is going to file divorce in July 2015 we will reviewed by CIC and it will...
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    immigration Consultant.

    Hi, I have a question for you . Do you know how much time Finger print takes to update once we send to the CIC. Commissionaire sent my finger print report on 21st February but Still I cannot see it in my file .
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    BLS India Xpresspost Passport query

    Yeah I did try try from India too and they said I should present thr because its now online system in Rajasthan . Is thr any other way I can get my Police clearance certificate.
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    BLS India Xpresspost Passport query

    hi .I sent my PCC file through courier and paid charges. after a month I got my file back without PCC and reason. than I travelled to Edmonton and the girl sitting there said They can not process my file . I asked her reason and she simply answered she doesn't know . I tried number for Indian...
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    Tracking AINP September 2013 applications at CIO Sydney, Nova Scotia

    A new update on my file.Got my medical but not for my husband .He is Main applicant in my PR file
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    Mdical not received for Main applicant

    Hi All, I applied my PR under provincial nominee I received my file no and my wife received the Medical same day. She is co applicant. But there is no Medical request for me . Is thr anyone who can help me with this ?
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    processing time in Sydney,Nova scotia for provincial nominee PR file

    Is thr anyone who can tell me the best way to contact CIO Sydney.They Received my file on 12th September but still never get my file no and medical.
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    Tracking AINP September 2013 applications at CIO Sydney, Nova Scotia

    Hi , I sent my file to CIO sydney on 12th September but still I have not received my file no. Is thr anyone who can suggest best way to contact them.
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    processing time in Sydney,Nova scotia for provincial nominee PR file

    Thanks for the information.Can you tell me what is the best way to reach CIO . I emailed them around 10 days before and never get any answers from them.
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    processing time in Sydney,Nova scotia for provincial nominee PR file

    Hi, My permanent residency file under SINP reached to Sydney on 12th september. I never received any file number and no fee deducted from my credit card. Is thr anyone who can tell me how many days usually they take to send file no& medical ?
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    Traveling outside of Canada on post graduation work permit

    Hi, Right now I am on PGOWP and its expiring on 29th Nov 13,I am planning to visit my country in september month. Is that safe to visit.?Or visa officer can deny my reentry??
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    experience letter from preovious employer.

    Hi , I am working full time in a company. But my previous employer is not giving me the experience letter as well as my due salary. Is there any way I can take my experience letter and due salary from him.
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    Regarding Employer registration

    Hi, I work full time in Saskatoon. My employer registered with the SINP. Its been 45 days but my employer not even received loginid password. Is there any way to know the status of the employer registration?