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    Applying for Student Visa after Tourist visa rejection

    Good Day Gents, I applied for tourist visa 2 months ago and get declined because the officer is not convinced I'm going back home. However, I received an acceptance to study in a college in Canada, and I'm preparing the student visa application. the question is how the tourist visa rejection...
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    PGWP 6 month program

    6 months I'm afraid
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    PGWP 6 month program

    any one?
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    PGWP 6 month program

    Greetings, I appreciate any advice on the below: I'm doing a Fast-Track program that's 6 months in total including a 2 months practicum, is there any way to be eligible for the Post-Grad Work Permit (PGWP)? since the program is accelerated (900 hrs). What other options I have to extend my...