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    TRV from Abu Dhabi

    we reapplied three months ago and first application hasn't been cancelled yet
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    TRV Abu Dhabi office

    i reapplied in february 2022 and nothing happened :))))
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    TRV Abu Dhabi office

    It's not like keeping it in the old portal is helping either. looks like they're not working to begin with
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    Should I re-enter the pool now or wait till my profile expires?

    if you lost your gc key for example you can create a new one
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    TRV Abu Dhabi office

    i aplied on gc key may 2021 and applied on new portal february 2022.... the fact the gc key application is still active means they havent looked at the new one
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    Should I re-enter the pool now or wait till my profile expires?

    I think it's the opposite, you can have more than one profile, you just can't accept more than one ITA
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    TRV Abu Dhabi office

    do they not work or something? also contacting them is absolutely useless
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    Can new portal application not be received?

    Any thoughts?
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    Can new portal application not be received?

    I am stuck in a back and forth with abu dhabi immigration.. i applied initially in may 2021 and applied on the new portal in february 2022. both applications are still "live". contacted my mla who talked to ircc, they told him i should apply on the new portal.... which i did!!! contacted abu...
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    TRV Abu Dhabi office

    been waiting over a year, reapplied and now been waiting for 2 months
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    Visitor visa passed processing times from United Arab Emirates

    My parents are in Kuwait and visa has been waiting for a year ... reapplied and also 2 months. Meanwhile other visa centers are giving visas left and right. Very frustrating
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    Withdraw visitor visa applicatio

    If you moved and your address change you should contact them anyways
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    Is Soft Landing allowed

    i dont know about soft landing but can answer the rest, it may take 2-3 months but you don't have to wait here until it's issued. will need an address in canada so it's sent to so gotta have someone to receive it. you can apply for prtd if you want to travel back in without a card
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    Old application not canceled

    I don't care about fee refund at this stage just that they actually do something! Anything! Webform only redirects me to the visa office in Abu Dhabi and they've been useless. Any other web forms?
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    "country of study" field in EE for distance learning programs - URGENT

    just a letter in google doc nd make it a pdf. you can merge it with image of docs if you have them
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    Old Application Processing

    I submitted the new on in Feb and old one still active. Does that mean they haven't even started processing the new one?!
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    Old application not canceled

    Hello, I helped my parents setup the visitor application on the old portal back in May 2021. Nothing happened the entire time. In February I created the app on the new portal. According to the ircc site, it said it will automatically cancel the old application but it hasn't yet and no movement...
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    updates on the tracker?

    hi, i applied online and got AOR end of january. tracker account got created feb 3rd so far it still says last updated feb 3. how often does that site updated. is it worth logging into it regularly?
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    Promotion in Same Company - Express Entry Profile Update

    1 im not a sir, 2, your title doesnt matter look at your job description and match it to NOC.