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    Intra Company transfer to Canada PR

    Thanks for the information.
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    Intra Company transfer to Canada PR

    Yes I have taken the IELTS with L 8.5, S 8.0, R 7, W 6.5. Thank you for letting me know, this is something I didn't know. I would keep aware of travels outside the Country. But, hope travels within Canada would not be a concern.
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    Intra Company transfer to Canada PR

    Hi, I have landed in Canada (Toronto) in May under ICT work permit, valid for 2 years. My company primarily operates out of Ontario and not in any other states withing Canada. I am already in the EE pool now at 389 score card and my points would reach the 467 mark if I add the 1 year work...
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    Questions on NOC, Work experience and Reference letter

    Hi All, I hold a CRS score of 397. It is an internal company transfer that they are offering on a condition that i have my VISA. Since this is an internal transfer there is no letter that the company provided as everything is on the system. So would i be able to show a signed letter of assurance...