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    CEC - MAY 2019 Applicants - Join Here

    my timeline: CEC, Inland. AOR: 14 May MED: 26 June PPR: 29 Jan Passport sent: 30 Jan Application approved: 4 Feb Then in a week span I got COPR and another week later got COPR signed by officer in Toronto airport (left Canada for two days). A little over 9 months for the entire process. Hope...
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    >>>>>>>>May 2019 AoR<<<<<< Join here

    Thank you. Is this a correct link to raise a web from?
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    >>>>>>>>May 2019 AoR<<<<<< Join here

    Hey guys, hope you are doing well :) I got my GCMS notes and found such a comment from an officer made 5 month ago: "Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) CRS Score at invitation to apply (ITA) 486 CRS points minimum score for round: 451 CRS score at application (APR): 486 / Verified CRS score...