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    Spousal Sponsorship in-land Applications 2017 timeline and updates

    Contacted them and they said they could request the medical request at the end of the process...
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    Spousal Sponsorship in-land Applications 2017 timeline and updates

    Yes, I saw that on my notes. ecas is "In progress" :/
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    Spousal Sponsorship in-land Applications 2017 timeline and updates

    Hi! I'm Sept 25, 2017. Our application was transferred to irregular migration BC as the first office and the secondary office Vancouver Immigration. I haven't received medical request yet and just wondering if someone is in the same situation. Thank you!
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    Spouse OWP

    1. No, if you held an OWP, his student visa will be automatically "canceled". You cannot study under an OWP. If your husband is planning to study, then I recommend extending his study permit now. 2. He should do it, but you can always help!
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    Delicate situation - Facing deportation?

    (I posted this thread in the general forum too, didn't know about this section until now, so if you see this thread in the other section, just answer in one of them, thank you!) Hello, I'm in a very tight and difficult situation at this moment... My employer had applied for a visa where I...
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    Breakup Before Entering Canada

    So sorry that your relationship ended... Unfortunately, you can't come back to Canada as a PR, your ex must notify immigration about his new marital status change.
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    LMIA advertisements

    Craigslist, Indeed, and the two websites that you have mentioned will work. My employer had applied for a LMIA for someone, and they posted in every Canadian employment website.
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    Rare situation - Facing deportation? (URGENT)

    Hello, I'm in a very tight and difficult situation at this moment... My employer had applied for a visa where I can only work for them (Young Professional Visa). Circumstances had changed, and the employer could NOT hire me... long story short I started working for a construction company (I...
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    Special case for OWP (In-land sponsorship)

    Thank you very much for your reply, that gives me hope! :)
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    Special case for OWP (In-land sponsorship)

    Hi, folks, I (Spanish citizen) and my boyfriend who is Canadian by birth have applied for in-land common-law sponsorship with OWP (Open Work Permit) application received my mailroom on Sept 25th, 2017. I'm currently working under the Young Professional Program, which only allows me to work...
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    Questions about common law

    Hi! My boyfriend and I are in te same situation as you. We got an affidavit stating that we live at his mom's house, why we are not living on our own, and few other things. An immigration lawyer did it for us. May 2017, as long as you explain why in a letter you should be fine. You can be...
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    In land applicant May 2017 - IRCC issues??

    Hey! I'm just curious what is your timeline for the inland May 2017 applicants. Have you gotten your AOR? They have received my application on May 17th, I know I still have to wait but I would like to know if somebdoy here has already gotten their AOR already, I know I'm very impatient...
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    After sending application (Inland common-law), what is the next?

    Finally, After literally 4 months of gathering documentation, fixing mistakes, see our immigration consultant a lot of times, ask you guys (silly) questions and read everything that we see on the internet about the process, we can now say we are done and off to send our application INLAND...
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    Can I visit Canada with my multiple entry Visitors Visa while waiting on my PR?

    Yes, your husband can visit you while his application is in the process, however, I do recommend for him when he is at the border, to explain to the officials his reasons to visit Canada and the proof that he will be leaving Canada as well.
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    MAY 2017 // *IN-LAND* Common-Law Sponsorship application! (May 2017)

    Hey, folks! I'm an applicant from May 2017 (next week will be sending my application) - any other members are on the same/similar page as me? I'm so anxious to send off my application along with the OWP (Open Work Permit) but I have to wait for a document to arrive in the mail, which I will...
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    I'm sending my application next week, as I'm waiting for some paperwork to arrive in the mail. Future May applicant here as well!! 8)
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    Relationship Information and Sponsorship Evaluation Form (IMM 5532)

    Yes, you should and must add an additional page with all your work experience. Please refer to the notes on the IMM5532. There is a section where it states that if you don't have enough space, feel free to use an additional page following the rules that they give you. I do recommend to fill out...