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  1. jaybe

    Medical Exam

    I did after ITA before AOR(before submitting PR application)
  2. jaybe


    Usually, It's email to primary applicant but for my case I received in my spouse's email, so keep checking both email with junk, spam emails too. Good luck!
  3. jaybe

    Need urgent help with documents

    As other said birth certificate is not required. Passport is the main document and make sure all the other docs reflecting passport details.
  4. jaybe

    URGENT - HELP regarding marriage certificate - ITA recd 25th Jan..!

    I was primary applicant. Yes, we submitted marriage certificate while submitting PR application and its mandatory. Correct the passport submit other docs same as passport detail. And if your marriage certificate shows other names then say yes. you need to be honest while PR application and try...
  5. jaybe

    URGENT - HELP regarding marriage certificate - ITA recd 25th Jan..!

    Hi Utsav, I was also worried about that..but my case was just opposite. My wife got passport with my last name and marriage certificate she had with her maiden name. And we selected also- No on that question(if you have used a second name) I was little worried for this mistake but got PR...
  6. jaybe

    Express entry CEC timeline

    see my signature..
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    AOR JUNE 2016 >>> JOIN HERE

    Select the Annex A form from email and past to word and you can fill out, print, sign and send along with passport and photos. I did this way..
  8. jaybe

    AOR JAN 2016 - let's get together

    WOW it's a long journey.. Congratulations!!!
  9. jaybe

    HELP: Under CEC class, what doc does CIC normally asks for?

    All those 3 are correct. I had same when I applied and I was with LMIA so no issues. you might have claimed points for valid job offer(LMIA) so its asking it.
  10. jaybe

    PGWP Extension - Can you apply online?

    My wife needed to remove conditions on PGWP and we tried to apply online but couldn't find online option. And called call centre, they said PGWP is one time only so cannot apply online for replacement or renewal and suggested to submit paper application. We submitted paper application and took...
  11. jaybe

    Passport to CPC Ottawa - December 2016

    Coutts is better. I had landed there and went all good and very fast, took only about 30 minutes Try to go in mornings.
  12. jaybe

    [RPFP] Wait or raise a CSE ?

    Yes, Update it right away with a LOE mentioning your app no. This will save some time. Good Luck!
  13. jaybe

    Marriage License/Certificate Upload

    Yes, from foreign ministry.
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    That's normal, mine took 3 months to pass meds.
  15. jaybe

    AOR JUNE 2016 >>> JOIN HERE

    Yes, you need to update after you've landed, you will need stamped/signed CoPR & passport. SIN: I went to Service Canada office to update SIN and got new permanent SIN same day I'd landed. An Agent at Service Canada suggested me to update my new SIN to employer & CRA too. Update new SIN to...
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    After graduation you are in implied status and can work full time so no need to worry abut PGWP date.
  17. jaybe


    Guys! I'm CEC inland too..landed in just before 7 months..timeline below in signature.
  18. jaybe

    AOR JUNE 2016 >>> JOIN HERE

    Congrats..they will post today/tomorrow!!
  19. jaybe

    Passport to CPC Ottawa - December 2016

    it took a bit longer due to holidays. My complete timeline is below: Wish you all good luck!! PPR Dec 14 PPs Sent Dec 16 Received at CIC 22 dec Status Jan 04- Account closed and return tracker activated in few hours after cic account closed. Received Jan...