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    need a little help here

    sds application india According to ircc website, i need to fill imm5707 form but my online application checklist says that i have fill imm5645 form. Both are family information forms, latter being more detailed. which one to fill and submit ??
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    Aip related

    Order gcms notes.
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    Re-applying after getting rejected

    You got aip brother. Congratulations
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    Biometrics correspondence before AIP

    What is the address on refusal letter.?? Edmonton or ottawa. ?
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    How to apply for deferment after getting AIP in embassy

    You apply for deferment in Your institution not in embassy. And after getting deferment, send the Deferred loa through the Webform to embassy.
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    How to update loa through webform .?

    No. The loa is for sept intake . The previous loa is also for September intake but the college have changed the classes starting date. My previous loa states that classes will be start on 31 August and the loa would be expire on 9 September and the new loa states that classes will be starting on...
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    How to update loa through webform .?

    Do i need to write something means about loa or just upload the new loa.
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    How to update loa through webform .?

    Please can someone tell me how to update loa through webform. My application is being processed at cpc Edmonton.
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    Raining of AIP's in India.

    You got refusal from which office means ottawa or delhi .??
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    Aip received

    No. You have to defer your intake.
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    Got AIP Stage 1 Study Visa. Pakistan. SDS

    Please share your timeline
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    Got AIP and then got letter saying that AIP was sent by mistake

    Order gcms notes to know latest update about your application. Only through gcms notes you can know what’s going with your application.
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    MAY SDS applicants - urgent

    22 may and no update....
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    Any may applicant who didn’t received aip yet.?

    I applied on 22 may and still no update on my application whereas july and August applications are getting decisions.
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    Rejection after AIP

    Don’t get me wrong but country of citizenship matters alot in visa applications. Just for eg. many African countries have more than 80% refusal rate. Btw did ircc organised any webinar for Pakistan students. .???
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    Students applied in july 2020 for study permit

    No ,medical is not necessary for eligibility to start. Infact medical is a part of admissibility.
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    Applied in March 2020 file complete biometrics done ! Anybody got Aip those who applied in march

    I think they use some AI tool to filter out applications because they are already using AI to make decision on temporary resident application from 2018.
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    Applied in March 2020 file complete biometrics done ! Anybody got Aip those who applied in march

    In 28 August Webinar they said right now they are finalizing those applications that merit a refusal so that’s why many are receiving refusal letters. Infact in 27 August webinar they said the same.