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    OCI process

    Hello everyone, I am applying for oci and I have all my documents ready.i have a question do I need to send my original cancelled Indian Passport and Surender paper.i spoke with BLS agent on phone he told me I only need to send photocopies no original. Check list says origin is must. SO IM...
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    drug plan

    Yes, thanks for replying
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    drug plan

    hi im new to toronto. does any one have any idea on drug plans. how it work. i try to google it but didint find anything helpful.
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    New PR pregnant woman don't have OHIP need health support

    one of my friend have the same situation like your and they choose to move to alberta as it cover the medical for day one. so they deliver the baby there. as it could be expensive with out OHIP.
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    Going to Toronto via Spain and US connecting flight, Do I need a transit visa?

    for US you need transit visa and spain I think not required but i'm not sure
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    Private Health Card in Ontario

    you can get the private insurance from indian or in canada, i recently moved to toronto and i brought my insurance after landing here in toronto, and it cost me 323 CAD for one person. i have also checked icici in india it were little cheaper but there i have to pay almost 100 CAD for every...
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    "DUBAI APPLICANTS" **Let's Network & Get Connected**

    yes i left it blank and there were no issuse.
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    salary deduction

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    "DUBAI APPLICANTS" **Let's Network & Get Connected**

    i'm not aware is the rule change but when i applied last year, notarized copy of all your education certificate is acceptable at the time of applying. credendial assesment is helpful once you are in canada to get the job and go for furthur study and licenced.
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    salary deduction

    Hi all i have recenlty landed in toronto for a gross monthly income of 3000 what are the deductions? tax, CPP, EI
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    i recently landed in toronto canada i have received my PR card in 45 days, official time line is 6-8 weeks but some people received in 3months too.
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    "DUBAI APPLICANTS" **Let's Network & Get Connected**

    you can apply online and then you have to send the attested marksheet copy to WES in university seal envelop you dont need relative in toronto for that. check the site for fee, and its vary depend with evaluation you want. i have done course to course and it cost me 310 canadian dollars which...
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    "DUBAI APPLICANTS" **Let's Network & Get Connected**

    they peocess is quite simple, first you need to apply online and fill the online form. you will received the email from WES containing a form which has your refference no. you have to fill the the upper part of the form .and the lower part is for the university. then you have to contact your...
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    "DUBAI APPLICANTS" **Let's Network & Get Connected**

    hi i recently moved to toronto, if you means you education credentials, i did it from WES (world education service) just check the link hope it help.
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    what we need to take for the job fair March 7 2013

    register yourself in employment center near you they will help you to make your resume and findind jobs for you and you can make the print there for free .
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    Doubts in carrying POF

    if you are moving from india, contact kotak mahindra bank you can open bank account in scotia bank by "start right program" through kotak mahindra bank. and once your account is open you can transfer your money to your canadian account. they will issuse you a bank statement that you can carry...
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    "DUBAI APPLICANTS" **Let's Network & Get Connected**

    i have applied through premier, there service was not great, they just work as a courier service. and very few real consultation. although i received my visa already and right now in canada. if you cant go to india ask some of ur relative to arrange BC for you. or there is few people who do...
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    "DUBAI APPLICANTS" **Let's Network & Get Connected**

    i'm afraid it wont be acceptable. few people used that in past but my consultant advised me to get the BC from muncipality or issuing athority in india. as BC from indian consalate is not acceptable. so better not to waise ur money on that. they will just write based on ur passport ur DOB is ......
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    "DUBAI APPLICANTS" **Let's Network & Get Connected**

    yes you do needs indian PCC, PCC required for country of origin, + every country you lived for more than 6 month. contact BLS you will get ur PCC in 5 working days.