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    SOWP, ask me anything.

    Depends where you live and processing times for open work permits. If children are school age, did you apply for their study permits too?
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    Asking for immigration

    If you have ECA for your degree and eligible for Express Entry, you can submit a profile. You want a CRS score of around 480 to be invited.
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    Silly question

    No. Libraries don't get collections agencies after you.
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    TRV Abu Dhabi office

    Did you address the reasons for refusal or order GCMS to see the full notes before reapplying?
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    Visitor visa may 2022

    No expedited processing. So you mean co-op work permit. If you don’t get a response by end of June then raise a webform. Do you need a medical for your internship?
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    Response to Procedural Fairness Letter ???

    There are no timelines. IRCC will take as long as they want. What does your lawyer say? What was the reason?
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    Visitor visa may 2022

    You are not renewing a TRV, you applied for a new one. Assume you graduated so your study permit is no longer valid 90 days past graduation. Expect anywhere from 48 days onwards. That is the average processing time for Kuwait.
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    Applying for FSW while employed in Canada

    yes if a closed work permit and not LMIA exempt.
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    IEC/work permit approved - what about familly members?

    The type of IEC visa you have is relevant - working holiday or Young Professional. So which one do you have because if working holiday your job offer is not tied to the IEC permit because it is an open work permit. Therefore, your spouse is not eligible for an exemption under C41, which is what...
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    IEC/work permit approved - what about familly members?

    She is not eligible for an SOWP since you are on an IEC (An open permit). She can enter as a visitor. Baby needs ETA if French citizen.
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    Migrating as a teacher

    Read through the EE requirements and pages to see if you are eligible (67+ points) based on age, experience, education (ECA), funds and language (IELTS). You need ECAs and IELTS to submit a profile. Costs depend on number in your family (age of children) & children can come with you if under 22...
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    Applying for FSW while employed in Canada

    So if not exempt & not ICT then you can count the points. Requirements are on the IRCC site.
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    Switching Salary Job to Incorporation

    Not an immigration issue so research partnerships for your province and talk to a business lawyer. It is his decision career wise.
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    Changing DLI after visa approval

    If you change DLI, it is a new application so you start over. it will not be expedited.
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    Please review my reject guys

    Statements must be from the over the last 4 months. Can’t use old statements.
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    Need assistance on offer letter from Canadian employer(ARCADIAN ENGINEERING CANADA LTD)

    For what? Probably don’t operate is Canada so you need to go after them from your own country.
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    Please review my reject guys

    If your father has the money then show both their accounts. Dont reapply until you get GCMS notes. Assume you need or have new LOA.
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    Work Permit for EU Citizen

    He needs a job with LMIA. The employer pays $1k and proves no canadian or PR can do the job. How old is he? He may be eligible for an IEC permit (google it).
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    Please review my reject guys

    No one can tell you if you will get a visa. It still may be refused. Yes, if $15k is deposited in your account the source of funds must be explained. That raises red flags.