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  1. Presh2019

    Super Visa funds funds proof letter

    Hi, did you succeed with this? Did you have to show your personal bank statement ?
  2. Presh2019

    CoPR to PR - Quebec IRCC

    I haven’t but timelines vary, no way to predict really. Some get it as soon as 2 weeks, some even 4 months +
  3. Presh2019

    Canadian equivalent of WES evaluated degree

    That should fall under the one year program based on the evaluation
  4. Presh2019

    Expired work permit

    There’s a new covid provision that allows people extend their work permit, you should do that. But generally you can apply for PR as long as the work experience gained was during the validity of you work permit.
  5. Presh2019

    CEC Class - Reference letter

    You can definitely paraphrase. I didn’t copy paste mine or even include all on the site, just highlighted major duties
  6. Presh2019

    You do not need a medical exam?

    That’s just a standard message that shows up until ur medicals are passed and it will be updated. You can also follow up with ur physician to confirm if it’s been submitted, usually with 7-10 business days after the medical examination, it’s submitted. If you used panel physicians, you can check...
  7. Presh2019

    PR card timeline

    VO: London COPR: Noc 25th (sent through email after interview phone call with officer) Sent passport photo Nov 26th Received PR card in 3 weeks
  8. Presh2019

    Proof of Means of Financial Support

    If you are applying under CEC, you don’t need to show POF. Just a simple letter saying you qualified under CEC and therefore do not need to show POF, you can also say you have included your current paystubs, employment letter, etc (if you are currently working) it’s just a short basic letter...
  9. Presh2019

    Bridging work permit

    Put in your application for your BOWP, there’s no way to tell PR processing time now. If you really have to travel, hopefully your BOWP comes out in time, mine wasn’t processed even after 6 months of waiting, I got my PR and had to withdraw my BOWP and got my refund. Make sure this trip is...
  10. Presh2019

    Pr card timeline November 2020

    Mine took less than a month, from London
  11. Presh2019

    Is degree certificate mandatory as a proof of education?

    You need the actual certificate, heard of a few people getting rejected because of that. You can have your school scan the copy to you, as you don’t need the hard copy for your application.
  12. Presh2019

    Documents Upload after ITA

    I uploaded mine together with my passport and travel documents
  13. Presh2019

    CEC - Highest Qualification

    Correct, if you include it in education section, it will ask for ECA
  14. Presh2019

    Reference letter - NOC D to B

    As long as u have at least 1 year experience in the supervisory role, you will be fine. Your company can say you were initially hired as a housekeeper but promoted and you’ve been in the supervisory role ever since. Just make sure to include the dates of promotion, work history and focus on ur...
  15. Presh2019

    Documents Upload after ITA

    You can include your pgwp to show your current status but uploading your previous expired study permit is not necessary
  16. Presh2019

    Not able to create express entry profile because my AIPP PR application in progress

    You already have a PR application in progress, as the error stated. You can’t have two PR applications. You just have to wait for the AIPP to be processed
  17. Presh2019


    Yes, you can. Also look at the requirements under you Noc code.
  18. Presh2019

    email address is missing in the reference letters | HELP

    Well, email address is needed but I don’t think it will be such a big deal, you can raise a web form and include the email address
  19. Presh2019

    Can my former supervisor give Job reference letter

    If your supervisor is no longer working there, how would they provide the letter in the company letter head, signed and dated? Also, if you were paid cash, that means you don’t have paystubs? kind of a tricky situation because the letter has to be recently dated and have all the IRCC...
  20. Presh2019

    CEC eligibility as a Baker

    Yes, you can under NOC B 6332, as long as you are working full time. Yes, with 1 year experience, you will qualify under CEC