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    Confused on which banks history do I need to show?

    I have a few bank accounts spread over pakistan, usa and canada. Do I need to show details from all banks ? Would it be enought o show 6 months history of 1 account which has the proof of funds, and just show latest statement from each other account
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    SIN - How long does it take to get one with online application

    Can we go get a SIN number at service center, if already applied online?
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    Proof funds only in Canada

    Also, would it be a negative if I dont have the funds here for 6 months? in my us account htey have been maintained for 6+ months
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    Proof funds only in Canada

    I am just concerned if they require me to show funds from other countries especially resident country? My current funds in my 2 Pakistan accounts are like 300$ combined not even worth mentioning. Also I have no credit cards in Pakistan. In USA I had 3 credit cards, but I think its safe since...
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    Proof funds only in Canada

    hello I am a current student in canada, and applying for fsw. I have a bank account here, and I plan to bring all my funds from my usa account here. is it ok if just show my funds in canadian account and not any other accounts? i previously studied in usa and am a resident of pakistan i dont...
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    Proof of funds while on study permit

    Can I show funding from only one bank or do I need to include all banks where I have some money?
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    Proof of funds while on study permit

    I am currently in Canada as PhD student with permit that allows on/off campus employment. I am also in pool of FSW worker with 481 points,so hoping if they restart fsw I will be able to get an ITA. My question is would I need to show proof of funds since I am authorized to work in Canada, and...
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    8th day home testing covid location

    Hello, I arrived via montreal and then took a flight to Vancouver where I am currently in quarantine. Tomorrow is my 8th day of quarantine which means I need to do home test. Do I sign up for Montreal 8th day testing or Vancouver? Also do I have to mail the test somehow or would the pick it up...
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    Need to Quarantine passport sticker

    So the officer stuck a green round sticker on my passport and mumblef something about Quarantine I didn't get. I should have asked clarification but I was tired out from the plane ride and forgot until later. Does anyone know if the sticker color has any indication of need to Quarantine or not
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    Where do I have to recheck my bags

    My flight is Pakistan - Doha - Montreal - Vancouver I booked it as one flight on Qatar, but the last leg is Air Canada While booking the lady at check in said I will get my bags at Vancouver directly, but that doesnt make sense to me because I thought the first city you enter in US/Canada your...
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    what do i write on edeclaration on how many days you are coming fot

    If someone has any idea pls let me know I land in Canada in a few hours
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    what do i write on edeclaration on how many days you are coming fot

    so in edeclaration they ask how long you are coming for in days, and since i have a phd i was going to write 1460 (4 years) but it wont let me enter anything larger than 999 anyone know what to do ?
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    Should i start a new application?

    Withdrawal is possible through webform. I had tried to withdraw application due to a misunderstanding and then sent another webform to ask not to withdraw it. I got an email from ircc confirming if I wished to withdraw or not and I said I didn't. This was all noted in my gcms notes
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    PCR Test on connecting Flights

    It isn't needed
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    Issue of Study permit at Montreal airport

    What kind of questions can we expect at border?
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    hotel booking code in arrivecan

    Yes after 9 August this requirement was waived for everyone
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    Transportation to quarantine

    My airport is about an hour's car drive from my housing. Am I allowed to take taxi/uber ?
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    Can I bring medicine ?

    As its harder to get medication in Canada, I want to bring some essential medication like pain killers, antibiotics etc from my home country where its easy to buy every medicine off the counter. Is it allowed to do so ?
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    How to indetify rentals scam?

    if possible have someone you know there to check out the place for you or get a place with other people who are already there and may have an empty room or look into student housing which is safe. You can also look into temporary housing like an airbnb so you can go there and be able to hunt for...