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    PR card returned to CIC

    Hi! So I moved to new place on April 1st and updated info on file with CIC (waiting for my first PR card) they still send it to the old address. I contacted my old landlord and seems like it was returned to the sender. What do I do in this situation?
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    BOWP after closed wp

    hi guys! I’d like to ask you for an advice. So my wife is our PNP PR main applicant, she has closed wp that expires in over a year from now... the problem is that the business that she works for might get closed (she will know for sure in mid-June). Did you hear about anyone in this situation...
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    Problems contacting CIC through online form

    hi! I’m inland paper based applicant. I received request for police check but the problem is that I did sent my PC right after sending my application to CIC but in seperate parcel (I did not have application number at the time because it was before AOR). I included letter of explanation with my...
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    New passport - how to submit it to CIC?

    hi! I’m a PR paper inland applicant (Sydney, NS) from September 2017. I have a new passport - how to submit it to CIC? Do I have to send a paper copy by mail or electronic copy by GC key account? Thank You!
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    PR application after nomination few questions

    Hello guys, I just got nominated by MPNP (Skilled worker in Manitoba) and I have few questions regarding my application to CIC. 1. Can I send application WITHOUT police check? The problem is that my police check are ready but they are in the mail and they've been there for over a month now...
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    Work permit after PNP nomination (inland)

    Hi! I have a question, currently I work in Manitoba and apply for nomination through MPNP. My question is: - after nomination my first work permit will have employment restriction, is it possible to apply for BOWP after AOR and get an open work permit? - if my work permit expires can I go home...
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    MPNP worker in Manitoba - settlement funds/EOI

    Hi guys! I currently work in Manitoba, my six months of full time employment is going to fullfil and the end of March, my question is - can I send EOI earlier? Let's say March 15? I'm struggling to manage to send my application before changes on April 1st. I've got also question about settlement...