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    OINP - EE - Human Capital Priorities Stream - Comprehensive Guide

    I just discovered its for Canadian experience class
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    About Saskatchewan Family Referral Category

    how long does my sister need to reside in Saskatoon before I could claim point under close relatives?
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    Carrier in Law

    please how far with this?
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    Remark Success rate

    Thanks. My concern now is I wasn't issued a receipt that day, neither did I receive an acknowledgment mail, I had to send them emails severally and also demanded an acknowledgment mail on 1st August, which they sent to me on 2nd August. Could it be my Eor was not sent since 17th July that I...
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    Remark Success rate

    Hi, please when did you write your exam and where? I wrote on 30th June and I applied on 17th July, yet to hear from BC, and my old result is still reflecting.