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    PR card Expires before the 730 days required

    To keep the PR status so that the kids can benefit from it, I guess he should not attempt to get PRTD or anything from IRCC.
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    Sponsoring husband from Pakistan

    Thank you so much for the advice.
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    Sponsoring husband from Pakistan

    Dear Experts/Forumates, A girl is a PR and is living in Canada doing her university studies, and is marrying someone from Pakistan. Both have never married before. In Pakistani society, the marriage normally involves 2 processes: 1. First step is Nikah (i.e., the marriage is registered and...
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    How to declare our undeclared son

    Read canadianwoman's post here:
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    How to declare our undeclared son

    I thought the your husband can officially marry you with your child name with you. Then, he sponsors both of you: you and your child.
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    has anyone here tested david cohen serviceses

    No. I hired for my first trial. I said above, you sometimes can't afford chances.
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    has anyone here tested david cohen serviceses

    I immigrated in 2014 using David Cohen services. They are truly professional, transparent, and very responsive and helpful...However, they will not do any leg work or dirty work.
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    Fastest way to obtain a Canadian visa for moving to Canada all family

    Selection of visa office is not your choice. It is the CIC which decides the VO. As Zardoc said you should assess yourself whether you qualify to immigrate first.
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    Old PR mother but lived outside Canada wanted to come back

    Your mother's PR has already expired in August 2016. There seems to be a chance that she might be allowed to enter Canada on Humanitarian & Compassionate grounds that she is suffering from a permanent illness. Another option is that you sponsor her which may take longer time.
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    Immigrating as Self-Employed: Please help!

    I think you can move to Canada as a foreign worker under NAFTA agreement.
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    Can a PR sponsor her spouse while both are out-land?

    Thank you for the very useful advice.
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    Can a PR sponsor her spouse while both are out-land?

    Dear Forumites, Someone wants advice if she can sponsor her husband and child while she is residing outside Canada. She is a PR, married outside Canada with a foreign national, and has a child from her marriage. The question is: Being living outside Canada, can she sponsor her husband and...
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    Sponsoring husband who was still legally married at the time of our marriage

    In applying, I suggest you just "ignore" the fact that your husband was married before marrying you. QED!!
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    Few Information for Newcomers (on request from fellow Bangladeshi)

    Rossie, you are really doing an angelic work. May God bless you.
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    Sorry - Off topic  :P :P :P

    Saudi Airline rules are clear. Where is the confusion? You are allowed 2 pieces@32kg max each per economy class ticket. They charge extra $200 for each additional luggage item (that is from Jeddah to Toronto).
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    Mortgage help!

    I agree with Scylla. Better to go to a bank. But, beware. My own experience with RBC was fantastic while BMO was extremely terrible.
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    Does working for Canadian company in US count as time spent in Canada ?

    Read Leon's post here:
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    Need advise on house and schools @ Toronto

    Re: Need advise on house and schools @ Toronto a) Public schools are everywhere in GTA. A critical factor is a school's rating. Go to this link to find ratings of different schools in the neighborhood you select to live b) In my opinion...
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    Thank you Asivad Anac

    Thank you so much for clarification. God bless you.
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    Thank you Asivad Anac

    Hi Asivad Anac and Seniors Is it possible to apply for multiple PNP programs, such as SINP, OINP, Quebec, etc at the same time? If yes, then should it be under one EE profile? or, should I create multiple EE profiles for each PNP? If not possible, then what will happen if do it? Will CIC...