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    Hi can anyone help in filling form to waive of confirmatory exams
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    APges licence

    Hi.has anyone applied for engg licence.i need help in filling out form to waive off exams.i am mechanical engg with 18yrs exp.
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    Cic instruction message from integration and foreign credential office

    Hi I got a msg from integration and foreign credential office of cic How to find job in Canada" "Cong. You are a candidate for immigration to canada" With instructions about finding job . I have submitted EOI aug 2017.but no ITA till this msg random
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    2017 NDVO FSWO applicants (CIO-LVO route), please connect here.

    Hi , i got a msg in inbox from Integration and Foreign Credential Referral Office Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.saying how to find a job.i had submitted EOI aug2017 .not able to figure out what is this.