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    i need help to secure a visa to canada

    yea i am from africa a citizen of nigeria .. born in lagos .. by the way i applied from an immigration expert and he had done me the eligibilty process .. so i was aked to pay a sum of 309usd is name is john metcalfe.. is this really true so i will not be duped .. pls help me .. or what do...
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    i dont know what to do me trough..

    i received a very sad message from my visa processor called david cohen , he told me i did not meet up to the free eligiblity assessment standard, that , the i information i provided about myself does,nt worth the standard,so for this reason he wouldn't be able to help me process my visa to...
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    can anybody who lives in canada help me get an invitation letter

    hello, can any good samaritan help me for an invitation letter to canada
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    Immigration Acronyms

    and also if i can see anybody who can be of help to invite me to canada so as to reduce the level of my stress in processing my stay in canada . can anybody who stays in canada help me for that ..
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    i need help to secure a visa to canada

    hello, can anybody body kindly help me to process my visa to stay in canada. if you have any info you want to give me you can equally hit me up on my mesenger or you mail me i will be very glad if you can just give me procedures on how to get a canadian's