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    Digital Bank Account

    Hey everyone, So my wife and I are doing a soft Landing in October and we're thinking about opening an digital bank account (Simplii, a CIBC digital branch) so we won't have to pay the account fees depending on our balance. Also we're thinking about doing their credit card coz it has no...
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    Soft Landing in Montreal

    Hi all, so I booked a flight to Toronto to make my soft landing, and I have a 5 hours layover in Montreal. Does that mean I HAVE to do the landing process in Montreal? If yes, can I get SIN there too? Thanks
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    Landing now - Move in 2 years

    thx. so does that mean I do not need a list now?
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    Landing now - Move in 2 years

    Hi all, so my wife and I are planning to conduct our Landing in about 3 months, but make the actual move in about 2 years. Does anyone know what's the process with the customs in our case? do we still need the "things to come" list or is limited to one year? any other tips? Thanks Guy
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    Soft Landing

    Hi everyone, so I'm planning to to my Landing this October 2019, stay in canada for 2 weeks and then come back to my home country. my actual move to Canada will probably be around May 2021. Do I have to fill out customs forms of the things I'll send right now? anyone had that excperience...
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    Soft Landing and Goods to Follow

    alright so, if I get this right - I land in YYZ in October 2019, will be in canada for 2 weeks, then fly back to my home country. the actual moving to canada will probably be May 2021. which means I have to make the goods to follow list anyhow? will it expire?
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    Sponsering a Child

    Thanks a lot! So yeah, we plan on having the baby in Israel so we can get help from the family the healthcare system we know and trust, and only 6 months afterwards move to Canada permenantly. It's my understanding that I have to apply within Canada for sponsership, but don't the baby have to...
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    Sponsering a Child

    Hi All, trying to plan ahead, I'll really appreciate your help. I finally got the golden email 2 weeks ago, and my wife and I will do the Landing in October. I'm the main applicant, and my wife is a Dependent. After the landing we're coming back to our home country and the plan is to give...
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    CoPR Questions

    Your right, in my first question I meant that we're going to have the baby NOT in canada. Since we have nobody in Canada and we don't know the medical status there, we prefer having the baby in Israel. Meaning we'll do the landing in October, come back to our country, have the baby and only 6...
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    CoPR Questions

    Hi all, So we finally got our golden Email and we submitted our passports copies to the Israeli Embassy a couple of days ago. A couple of questions though: 1) My wife and I are planning on having our first baby after the landing In Oct. 2019, does anyone know what the procedure is? 2) also...
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    PPR after Remeds

    HI everyone, so I was asked to do my Remeds on Nov. 18, 2018. I did it and recieved a Passed status for my meds on Dec. 18, 2018, about a month ago. should I get my PPR soon? anyone has a time frame for it? details in signature. Thanks.
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    Document checklist. Express Entry

    1. upload everything you can - your original diploma, it's translation, and it's recognition by WES, all in colour. 2. you need letters of employment only for work you recieved points for. If you can't upload letters, from them you might not get the points you need - you'll need to upload your...
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    Those who Waiting EXPRESS ENTRY in Six Months and not finalized!!!!

    Remeds got approved today! Hoping for PPR soon! (it's been soooo long....20 months..)
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    <<<<<FSW Outland - June & July 2017 AOR - Lets Connect Here>>>>>

    I was just asked to do remeds. Lets say I pass them and get my PPR a month afterwards, can I wait and make the landing at anytime until my new remeds expire (Dec. 2019)?
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    GCMS shows 'Security Screening' and waiting... - let's gather here!

    You sure? during the first med exams I think we uploaded proof or a form.
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    GCMS shows 'Security Screening' and waiting... - let's gather here!

    I was just asked to do remeds also, where do I upload the form I got with their request (the IMM 1017E)? or does the doctor do everything and I don't need to upload anything?
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    Medicals related query

    I was asked to do my medicals again (after 1.5 years waiting). Do I upload a new form or does the Doctor do everything? where do I upload it?
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    'We are reviewing results of your medical exam' - what does this imply?

    does anybody know where to upload the 2nd medical exams? (they asked us to do again).