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  1. loida86

    november timeline for PR APPLICATION under live-in care giver program

    can i get a copy of this letter too? thanks!
  2. loida86

    november timeline for PR APPLICATION under live-in care giver program

    i sent a copy of my divorce certificate and a copy of a payment receipt sent by HK for my police certificate. Actually guys, i sent all these additional docs late January and they received after 3 days. So i am wondering why they received it last March? they didnt ask or send me any letter...
  3. loida86

    november timeline for PR APPLICATION under live-in care giver program

    hi guys! just want to share an update about my PR and OWP application. I just checked e-cas today and after 4 months, i finally saw the status of my application! application received - November 3, 2010, started processing - December 10, 2010 additional info received - March 16, 2011 What a...
  4. loida86

    Live-in caregiver (PR IN-PROCESS)

    hi guys, i just wanted to share this news for single applicants. my friend submitted her Pr and owp application on feb 2010, and just last week, she received the result.. not just one but both owp and her PR. She's so lucky!! in jst 11 months, her papers were processed! I hope that all of us...
  5. loida86

    PR Application, need new contract?? pls help

    hi ennaesor, i submitted my PR and OWP application end of October, and i only included a letter from my employer stating the date i started working for them and that I am still working for them. Unless you are to renew your work permit, then you shall need a new contract. But otherwise, your...
  6. loida86

    Police clearance renewed,Where to get dry seal??

    hi wsongco, i am afraid we're on the same boat. i didnt put my thumbprint in my nbi clearance too, that is after asking my friend who submitted her application lastjanuary. I regret not doing so though. After submission, there are so many worries now in my mind, like not using the right...
  7. loida86

    Aug, Sept, Oct and november 2010 PR,OWP at wp application...

    submitted mine October 31 : PR +OWP and WP extension Nov 2: Received let's hope guys that CIC make their processing more faster.. still a long way to go for us, lets all keep our fingers crossed.. good luck to all of us..
  8. loida86

    photo requirement

    hi wsongco, yup, i sent it oct 31. They got it nov 3. I submitted both my OWP and PR on the same address, in one envelope. ANd at the same time, i forwarded my work permit extension but on a diffeent address. I tracked my docs and found out that although they are both sent to different...
  9. loida86

    Open work permit

    hi honeysweetie, I just submitted my application for my work permit extension last sunday. And my PR and OWP application too. I phoned CIC many times asking if i still have to submit a new LMO', same with my employer, she called CIC and inquire the same. The answers were always "No" as long...
  10. loida86

    Live In caregiver needs help applying for PR,please help

    hello! I just want to ask about the document checklist for OWP. Do I still have to provide the documents stated there, eventhough some documents like, photocopies of passport, contract etc were already included on PR application? Many thanks!
  11. loida86

    Open work permit

    hi roselle! Nag-extend ka rin pala, buti na rin ang ganyan ano para wala tayong isipin sa mga SIN and health card natin. Magkano nga pala ang total fees na dapat nating bayaran when applying for PR and OWP? $550 + $ 150 ba? or meron pa aside from that? thanks! and sana ay mapabilis na ang...
  12. loida86

    Open work permit

    hi there! ask ko lang kung paano ka nakarenew ng health card mo? do u still have valid work permit or nag extend ka? I'll mail my application for OWP and PR next week, and at the same time, i am applying for an extension of work permit. Kasi although "implied" ang maging status kapag...
  13. loida86

    photo requirement

    oo, kabayan..pilipinong pilipino! sana wag taung magkaproblema ano.. good luck to both of us!!
  14. loida86

    photo requirement

    hi there! thanks for the reply! i'll submit mine next week, still waiting for some docs from my employer. Am looking forward to keeping each other updated about our timelines.. i read here, it now takes 10 months for the first stage approval.. whew! good luck to both of us! cheers!
  15. loida86

    photo requirement

    hi everyone! i just want to ask what is the required measurement of the picture that i need to include on my application for PR? Thanks! God bless!
  16. loida86

    police clearance

    hello, I just want to ask those who had applied already for PR and OWP under LCP, if they still waited for an acknowlegment receipt or letter from the countries that they applied for a police clearance? Or should I just write a letter and photocopy the receipt from canada post that i have...
  17. loida86

    certificate of no conviction applicant data collection form (hk overseas applica

    hello, anybody knows how to fill up this form? i am not sure whether i should also fill up the column 1.Country for which visa application has been made 2, Date of visa application 3. Are you the principal visa applicant? I will be applying for PR and this form is for visa/permanent...
  18. loida86

    IP4 Processing Live-in Caregivers (9.14)

    Hello! I need help please.. I am a live-in caregiver from the Philippines and will apply for an OWP and PR on November. I have been separated from my husband since 2003. During my applicattion here in Canada in 2008, I still applied as married since we are not legally separated or annuled. Even...
  19. loida86

    prevailing wages for live-in caregivers today?

    I am from manitoba.. I found this link, , Does it mean i should be getting this wage now? Thanks again!
  20. loida86

    prevailing wages for live-in caregivers today?

    hello, I just want to ask what is the prevailing wages for live-in caregivers today? I read from CIC website about the minimum wages for every province. CUrrently, i received 9.30, but i read that now, it is 9.80. Is this already implemented? I just renewed my contract, and i want to ask...