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    PPR to COPR Journey - PPR in JAN/FEB-19

    so I guess there is no problem when you leave Canada after landing , right? will airport custom check anything?
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    PPR to COPR Journey - PPR in JAN/FEB-19

    hi I received my COPR today- but I don't see any stamp on my passport- is it because I am from the country with visa exempt?
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    PPR to COPR Journey - PPR in JAN/FEB-19

    hi I do have some questions here and appreciate if any of you could share more info to help me to plan my landing - as we will only move after some time- so we will plan a soft landing 1st. in the IRCC website, under 'Check processing times' - if I choose 'PR card' and then 'no , i am waiting...
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    PR card for EE entry - only 14 days to receive the card??

    hi there, I have a question regarding how long in average that the new PR could receive the PR card after landing? Are we different than the 'normal' new PR card holder process? The reason of asking is because I checked the IRCC website, it says only 14 days to received a new PR card...
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    PPR to COPR Journey - PPR in JAN/FEB-19

    congrats!!! seems it took 6 weeks for you... are you based out Singapore?
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    PPR to COPR Journey - PPR in JAN/FEB-19

    do you get you passport back now?
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    Landing in Toronto and PR Card address in Vancouver

    thanks for the info. So it also means I cannot consider to land in Montreal right?
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    >>>>>>>March 2019 AoR<<<<<< Join here

    one more question: so only applicant needs to sign the consent form? ( spouse and very young children also needs to ?) --- like one person with one consent form?
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    >>>>>>>March 2019 AoR<<<<<< Join here

    this is really good to know. I will check that slip :) thanks a lot!
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    Landing in Toronto and PR Card address in Vancouver

    hi Regarding the question 1: is it fine any address within Canada is fine? Such as in Montreal ( relative's address..)
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    Soft landing help

    hi I have similar situation. May I know why we cannot enter from Montreal? Or if there is any problem potentially that would happen if I do my soft-landing from Montreal? ( I am not applying for Qubec PR...)
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    Passport Submitted at VFS Singapore

    hi may I know if anyone could suggest if I should submit my passport in person or by post? it took me 4 hours waiting to do the biometric and I am scared of how crowded it is inside....
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    >>>>>>>March 2019 AoR<<<<<< Join here

    I also got my PPR this morning and would like to know how to estimate the fee to buy a bank draft to post to VAC? As it took me 4 hours last time to do biometric in VAC and I think posting is a better way. Any thought?
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    Soft Landing in Montreal

    hi , as Qubec is in another PR stream- can normal EE stream PR land in Montreal and apply PR from there?
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    >>>>>>>March 2019 AoR<<<<<< Join here

    hi I am requested to upload 2 more countries police certificates... found it is a bit tight timeline - and I have 2 questions and appreciate help here: (1) how to upload a police cert that will be posted by the government itself? should I upload proof of submission of police certificate like...
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    >>>>>>>March 2019 AoR<<<<<< Join here

    hi I submitted my application on 27 -March. I have a question: I have 2 countries that I stayed more than 6 months and I see the police clearance certificates for these 2 countries are 'Post' application. Will I receive a letter from IRCC any time soon then go to apply for the police clearance...
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    >>>>JANUARY 2019 AoR<<<< Join here

    hi anyone has similar problem that you see one more Police certificate added in the document checklist after you updated your address history? I chose wrong country ( or actually I chose Hong Kong instead of China (Hong Kong SAR)- and now the checklist is asking me to provide both Police...
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    Hong Kong Police Certificate question

    Hi senior, I checked on the IRCC website and saw it is clearly mentioned that I don't need to submit the Hong Kong Police certificate and should wait until I receive a letter from them and bring that paper to apply...
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    PCC- Belgium

    you can go to the website ( refer to IRCC website) - then hand write a letter and scan it - send to the email provided in the IRCC website ( link to Belgium website) - then you should have it very soon.. so far, Belgium is the easiest PCC among others I have prepared.