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    Parents Sponsorship, Childcare benefits

    Hi guys, Does anyone know if sponsored parents are eligible for childcare benefits from Federal and Quebec? OR they fall under social assistance and therefore parents would not be eligible for them.
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    Parents Sponsor - Dependent does not have a birth certificate

    Hi Guys, so we applied for parents sponsor in 2016. We submitted the birth certificate of the dependent which was issued in 2015 with the application. However CIC now wants us to provide the birth certificate issued at the time of birth but the birth certificate was never registered for the...
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    Calculate financial capacity when sponsoring parents from Quebec?

    Hi, The question is regarding evaluating the financial capacity to sponsor someone. If I use the online chart or online calculator on Quebec website, my wife basic needs are calculated twice as her undertaking is still in effect. Since she is a part of my family unit and her undertaking is...
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    Applying for Federal Immigration while living in Montreal, Quebec

    Hi, I am international student in a university in Quebec and have been living here for 1 year. I was wondering that according to the new ferderal skilled worker immigration rules can I apply directly for the...