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    Single last name vs several last name --> Name change?

    Hi, I have several last names that show up on my non-Canadian Passport (long story). I have only used one of those last names pretty much my whole life but I have run into a few situations that have required that needed me to show documents (non-ID) with all my last names (which can be tricky...
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    My interview process today: Version 2

    Just had my citizenship test/interview and figured I'd talk about it hoping that others might find some useful/helpful it goes - I arrived late (a couple of minutes). It was totally my fault, I only planned to allow 15 minutes early, ended up catching the wrong connecting subway...
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    Security Clearance

    General question: When I applied for PR, I had to submit a police certificate for a country (Uganda) in which I have volunteered for a year back in 2005. The process was quite tedious and stressful and I wonder if I would need to get another certificate in order to apply for citizenship. Note...
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    Sending a photocopy of the PNP certificate to CIO

    Will a photocopy of the PNP certificate (the one with 'COPY' stamped on) result in a returned application by CIO? Please advise. Thanks
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    Ontario red stickers

    Does anyone know if the red stickers from opportunities Ontario mean anything?