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    Oath before citizenship test

    My wife and i applied to citizenship into two separate applications. I cleared the test a few months back but she hasn't as she never received the test invite. We received the oath invite to talk the oath together. Has anyone taken oath without a test? I read the citizenship act and while it...
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    Fingerprint request received one day before citizenship test

    Hi, I received a fingerprint request one day before my test and i did it and submitted it on the same day. I passed my test last week. The officer told me thats it and the next step is oath. I called rcmp on wed and they told me my application is complete and the results will be mailed on...
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    Would you recommend including the i-94 report in the citizenship application?

    Hi, I am submitting my citizenship application this week and i had a question. I made quite a few trips to the US during my eligibility period. 90% of them were day trips to Buffalo and Niagara Falls. I generated the I-94 report which is showing all trips but it's only showing arrivals and not...
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    Unavailability of Departure records in i-94 report - is this normal?

    Hi Everyone, My i-94 report contains all the trips i made to the US, which is good. The one thing missing is the departure record for 7 out of 20 trips i made to the US. Two questions for those who might have experienced this: 1- is this normal and do the case officers know about it and expect...
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    "Reliability" Security Clearance

    Hi, I do have a security clearance - Reliability status which i obtained through my current employer. does this speed up the processing of my application by any chance, and does anyone recommend including an evidence of it in my application submission? Thanks
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    Police Clearance from the UAE

    Hello everyone, I am able to issue a police clearance from the UAE online but the only problem is that the passport issuance date they include is the old passport issuance date, not the most recent one. Will this cause any problems? Also, if i have someone apply for it on my behalf and...
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    Urgent Processing Request - How to?

    Hi, I have noticed that a few members were able to submit an urgent processing request for their citizenship application and they managed to go through the whole process in 6 months period. How can you request urgent processing, and on what basis will officers accept urgent processing requests...
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    Two Questions - Applying individually vs as a family and recommended location Oakville Vs. Burling.

    Hello all, I can't believe its almost time for submitting my citizenship application. I should be eligible to submit my application in April 2019 and i had two questions. 1- My wife will become eligible to apply in June 2019 and i am thinking that we submit two separate applications instead of...
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    Canadian Blue Travel Document

    Hi All, I have heared recently about the Canadian Blue Travel Document and that it allows its holders to enter some countries in Europe without a visa. does anyone know anything about it? My nationality in my PR card is listed as XXA and i got my PR through the standard FSW program. Will i...
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    UAE Driving License(DL) Exchanged for a DL in Ontario

    Hello - has anyone exchanged his UAE driving license for a Canadian one in Ontario? I have a 10 years driving license. Is the license enough or do i need any additional supporting documentation? Is there any attestation required by the Canadian embassy in UAE? I need to exchange the driving...
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    Call from Canada Revenue British Columbia after landing

    Hi all, I have just returned back from a very successful and pleasing landing trip in Vancouver. I managed to open a bank account and issue a SIN. I have not applied for Medical Services Plan in British Columbia because the job market did not seem very appealing there and i wasn't sure if i will...
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    Landing this month - a few questions please!

    Hello all, I will be doing my landing this month and i need consultation on the following please: 1- I will be landing in Vancouver. Do the PR benefits differ between states? In other words, will there be any benefits i will miss on if i land in Vancouver vs landing in Toronto, regardless of...
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    RPRF with additional documents request

    Dear All, I have received RPRF along with a request for other minor documents. one of them is the PCC for me and my spouse. However, I have submitted mine as part of the application and submitted my wife's when i added her a month ago. The email did not mention updated PCC so i am thinking to...
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    IELTS for Spouse

    Hi All, I recently got married and will be adding my wife to my application. Will she need to take the IELTS to be able to add her to the application? is it required?
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    Spouse Adding Requirements

    Hi all, I have inquired with London Visa office about the documents they need to add my wife. The have requested the following: Updated forms which are available on our website New Application for Permanent Residence IMM0008 form for the principal applicant New Schedule 1Background Declaration...
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    Adding a dependent after first AOR

    Dear all, I have applied for FSW program in May this year and so far i have only received the AOR and only the first line is updated in my application. I am getting married this month and i wanted to understand the process i should follow to add my wife to my application. Can someone share with...
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    FBI identity history summary request from Dubai - ministry of foreign affairs

    Hi all, I have taken my finger prints today at General Department of Forensics Science – Fingerprints Department, in Dubai, UAE and filled up the application form and credit card form. Before sending them, i wanted to double check, do we need to attest the finger prints from the ministry of...
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    FSW2014 Process - Main Steps and Average Timeline

    Hi All, I am sure that this topic must have been discussed somewhere here in the forum, but unfortunately i was not able to find it. I wanted to understand the main steps that an FSW applications goes through along with all acronyms associated with it and the average processing time between each...
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    Passport Renewal Notification Before Obtaining UCI

    Hi All, I have submitted my application which was delivered to CIO office on May 20th, 2014. I have renewed my passport in June. Till now i have not received my UCI number. Should i inform the CIO of my passport update or should i wait until they send me the UCI number first? Please let me...
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    FSW 2014 - Did anybody receive acknowledgement email from CIC?

    Hi All, I sent my FSW application on May 15 and it was received by CIC on May 20th. I know i should hear from them,typically, within 2 months. I was just wondering, did anyone hear from CIC on their applications? I am specifically asking about those who submitted the application post May 1. I...