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  1. twztedelegance

    Changing SIN and New Health Card after getting COPR?

    Hey guys, any idea whats the procedure to exchange my SIN for a permanent one, can I do with SIN Card and also get a new permanent health card ? Do i only need COPR for this? Thanks
  2. twztedelegance

    Completing PR landing at Fredericton CIC office

    Hi all does anyone know the procedure to complete landing at CIC fredericton office instead of going to the border How much time ahead should you call for an appointment or can you just walk in? Thanks Still waiting for my COPR and passport
  3. twztedelegance

    Get friend to courier PR card to India or wait?

    I need to go to India asap i was going to see if I can give my friends address to mail the PR card there and he will courier it to me in india instead of waiting around 48 days more , anyone done this? Can we get PR card mailed wherever we want?
  4. twztedelegance

    Permanent Resident Travel Document

    Just sent my passport for stamping, got a bit delayed in the last week due to other festivities. Hope to get passport back and get COPR within 2 weeks then do landing asap. I need to go back home soon and i am thinking i will go before I get my PR card as i dont want to wait 48 days, does anyone...
  5. twztedelegance

    June AOR just received GCMS notes is this good

    HI ALL, I am June 7th AOR, just received my GCMS notes 3 months in, it says Eligibility: Recommend Passed Medical : Passed Criminal : Passed Security : Not started RPRF : Complete (I paid it before) In the notes the officer said everything was good and ready to be finalized, work...
  6. twztedelegance

    Quit my current job, should I send record of employment in CSE?

    When I applied for my PR CEC EE application I was working for a company and had completed more than 2 years as required for my CEC app. Now i have left my job, should I update CIC and send them my record of employment so they have the end date of my job? Either way i have met the requirements...
  7. twztedelegance

    Do i need to keep money in my bank for CEC proof of funds?

    I applied for PR under CEC, which doesnt require proof of funds technically. I provided 2 years of T4 and NOA and also showed my bank account with $12k in it, now my question is do i have to leave this $12k sitting or can i invest it in an ETF fund in the meanwhile, I can withdraw it anytime so...
  8. twztedelegance

    Can i flagpole for TRV after getting BOWP?

    I am expecting my BOWP soon in the mail (hopefully before tues if Canada post goes on strike), once i have that can i go to the border for a new temporary resident visa or do i have to apply online and send my passport by mail Thanks
  9. twztedelegance

    BOWP under list of apps says Approved, Final Decision says Not Started

    Hi guys, just noticed when I sign in to My CIC on my list of applications my online application for BOWP just updated and says Approved However when I click the application it still says Final Decision Not Started, is this simply a case of it not being updated yet and I can safely assume I...
  10. twztedelegance

    Submitted BOWP application, should I also send T4+NOA as CSE?

    I submitted BOWP application last week with my AOR, letter of explanation and current post grad work permit. In the IMM form under intended work as I am applying for open work permit and plan on leaving my current job soon and dont have LMIA i didn't mention any job and wrote "Bridging Open...
  11. twztedelegance

    Applied for CEC PR Express Entry, going to leave current job soon

    I have applied for CEC PR Express entry with work experience of 2 years at my current job, my job letter stated i am currently an employee there and they support my PR application etc, and I have sent my profile with the job listed as my current job. I might be leaving it soon to pursue other...
  12. twztedelegance

    Updated funds available to 0, when will eligibility for FSW update to No?

    I hope to get an ITA tomorrow and dont want an FSW invite, so i changed my funds to 0 today in my EE profile. How long does it take to update as my eligiblity still says Yes for FSW, hope it changes before the draw tomorrow (assuming i get an invite at 469) good luck to all and please god let...
  13. twztedelegance

    Changing funds to 0 so i get ITA for CEC

    Hi guys, I am at CRS 469 expecting ITA in next few draws (or hoping for one atleast). I have all my documentation in order but as my funds have not been in the same account for 6 months and moved between my investing account etc and also got my parents to transfer money with a gift deed, if it...
  14. twztedelegance

    Changing funds to 0 so i get ITA for CEC

    Hi guys, I am at CRS 469 expecting ITA in next few draws (or hoping for one atleast). I have all my documentation in order but as my funds have not been in the same account for 6 months and moved between my investing account etc and also got my parents to transfer money with a gift deed, if it...
  15. twztedelegance

    1 job, same NOC but different salaries due to promotion

    Hi guys, I have been in the same job for last 2 years but got 2 salary increases, my job letter only mentions the current/latest salary, the roles and responsibilites was the same. Will this be an issue? Should I mention in LOE I had previous salary of 30k, then 40k and now raised to 45k,which...
  16. twztedelegance

    Urgent, please help 3 months left PGWP, timeline for LMIA?

    Hi guys, I am on post grad work permit expiring July 2016, i have 2 yrs work experience and CRS 469, i had an ITA in December but my app got rejected for PCC erorr, now the quotas have gone up and I am worried i wont get an ITA in time to apply for BOWP, so I am trying to get PNP again and also...
  17. twztedelegance

    CRS 469, PGWP Expiring July 2016 - Should I go in panic mode soon?

    Hi guys, any help with my outlook in my situation will be appreciated My CRS is 469, I had previously received an ITA in December but my eAPR was rejected due to an error in my PCC from India, hence I have now gotten a new PCC and created a new EE profile, however last 2 draws in March were 470...
  18. twztedelegance

    Immigration lawyer to review application?

    Hi guys, I am wondering if anyone knows a good immigration lawyer who would review my application to ensure there are no erorrs, correct NOC etc? Anyone done the same and have any suggestions? my last application got rejected for PCC error so I don't want to leave any room for error this time
  19. twztedelegance

    Extending PGWP with PNP and no LMO?

    Hi, I am in the middle of applying for PR with CRS 469, I missed yesterdays invites (I had gotten an invite previously already but rejected due to PCC error). My post grad work permit expires in July so I am getting worried, should I wait for an ITA and then apply for BOWP in June? I have...
  20. twztedelegance

    Is submitting a CSE after ITA risky? Need to add translated degree copy

    Hi, I got AOR on 14th feb for Inland FSW. My Canadian degree certificate is in latin so i just realized now I should have included a translation. Is it OK to submit a CSE with the translated copy and also my transcripts after ITA submisssion or will it irritate any officers? I don't want to risk...