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  1. alijumani

    Parents enter Canada with exit date on passport

    Hello, My parents entered Canada on Feb 4, my Mother with super visa and was issued visitor record with must exit date is Aug 3 where as my father was on regular visit visa and he got a stamp and date on passport to must leave by Aug 3. Both of them have return ticket is on Aug 4 this put them...
  2. alijumani

    PGP sponsorship income for 2017

    Hello, asking for one of my friend. My friend wants to sponsor their parents for 2020 but the problem is he is not meeting minimum income for 2017 as he is only short for 14000 dollars to meet income. Is it advisable if he increase 2017 income now pay the taxes and have is re assess to be in...
  3. alijumani

    Changing course and school before arriving to Canada

    I have applied in Seneca for computer programming analysis and paid fee for one year in advance and got visa. However, I also have an offer from Centennial for Software Engineering Technology. Both programs are advance diploma 3 years duration. My question is now I want to join Centennial, what...
  4. alijumani

    Winter 2020 Intake: (SDS/Non SDS) Pakistani Students Only

    Hello every one I am creating this new thread for all the applicants who are working on applying study permit for Winter 2020. Please feel free to connect here and lets help each other.
  5. alijumani

    Visit visa refused from Abudhabi office (Pakistani citizen) Bryanna please help

    Hi Seniors, My brother applied for visit visa to Canada on Feb 28 and got refusal letter on Mar 7. I applied for GCMS notes below are the notes from VO please advise: NOTES: 5 Created Date: 2017/03/07 21:18:04 Created By: JD04034 Updated Date: 2017/03/07 21:18:04 Updated By: JD04034 Restricted...
  6. alijumani

    Received RPRF today again.

    Hello everyone, something really strange happened received RPRF request again this is the second time I received the same request. First time was in last year April 09, 2015 which i paid right away and in july I received my PPR. I did my landing on Aug 09, 2015 and received my PR card via mail...
  7. alijumani

    Not sure which visa to apply

    Hello friends, I am in the middle of gathering all the documents to apply for my parents visit visa. However, I am not sure which visa to apply. My income is decent and way over the LICO for 4 persons threshold. I have two younger brothers both are student and dependent to my parents and live...
  8. alijumani

    Need help Parents visit visa

    Hello everyone, i need your opinion. I just landed as permanent Resident under (CEC), right now the PR card processing time are 87 days. Can I apply my parent's visit visa on the basis of my CoPR letter. Secondly, since my other two brothers are back home and dependents my parents only going to...
  9. alijumani

    Spouse name concern! Please advise

    I have applied for CEC and recently I received an email to send passport for immigrant visa. My wife only has last name in her Passport and work permit. She came to Canada on Spouse open work permit in Feb 2015. We are facing several issues regarding opening an account in bank getting a job. I...
  10. alijumani


    Spouse Name issue. I have applied for CEC and recently I received an email to send passport for immigrant visa. My wife only has last name in her Passport and her work permit. She came to Canada on Spouse open work permit in Feb 2015. We are facing several issues regarding opening an account in...
  11. alijumani

    Need our suggestion regarding Panel Physician

    Dear friends, I would really appreciate if you can kindly suggest me a good panel physician emedical enabled in Toronto area preferably in Scarborough.
  12. alijumani

    Received an email from CPC OTTAWA "request for documents"

    Received a below email from CPC. My file was first reviewed on Sept 8, 2014 and sent for 2nd review. Please advise is it a good sign should I expect Mr or RPRF request next? Date: March 31, 2015 UCI: XXXXXXXX...
  13. alijumani

    Query regarding VO recommendation in GCMS notes

    Dear friends I just received my GCMS notes and learned my file is in under review for an another VO. Below is the screenshot of the notes. Please advise what should I do.
  14. alijumani

    Important information regarding Express Entry July 14, 2014 (lets discuss here)

    QUOTE Express Entry candidates with a valid job offer or P/T nomination will quickly be invited to apply for permanent residence UNQUOTE Below is the link of Express Entry:
  15. alijumani

    Important nformation regarding Express Entry Updated manual dated: July 14, 2014

    Below is the link of Express Entry:
  16. alijumani

    RCMP Fingerprints in Karachi, Pakistan

    Today I was requested RCMP for me and my wife. My wife is in Karachi and never been to Canada. I was wondering from where she can get her fingerprints taken for RCMP. I tried to search but couldn't find any agency in Karachi
  17. alijumani

    Beware Guyz do not rent a car for landing

    Hello friends, Recently one of my friend rented a car to do his landing. He had a USA visa, he entered in USA and after couple of hours when he tried to come back to Canada to finish his landing at the border CBSA K9 unit found Cocaine and Heroine residue in the car. CBSA detained my friend on...
  18. alijumani

    CEC application and Spouse open work permit

    Dear Fellow members, I have a question, I applied my PR along with my wife under CEC. My application was received by CIO on February 24, 2014 and I also applied online for my wife's OWP on February 22, 2014. Coming to the point I was wondering should I have to email Canadian High Commission...
  19. alijumani

    When should I apply for study permit extension

    Dear Folks, My study permit is gonna be expire on 31 March, 2012. When should I apply for study permit extension and how much bank statement needed for extension?
  20. alijumani

    Intl. Student

    Dear Folks, Can anyone guide me, I intends to go States for visit as my friend is US Citizen and he wants me to come US for leisure trip. P.S: I am intl. Student from Pakistan.