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  1. Mcevolution

    Express Entry PR (Canadian Experience Class)

    Origin: England LMIA issued 15 April 2015 Work Permit issued 3 May 2015 NOC: 0611 City: Calgary Express Entry Profile created 14 May 2016 EE Profile Score: 866 Invitation To Apply: 18 May 2016 Expected submission: 10 June 2016 So far I've spent a lot of time and effort gathering a lot of...
  2. Mcevolution

    2 companies pulled out of the LMIA process to employ me under FSWP scheme

    So I am here in Canada from the UK on a visitors visa (5 months in) and I am looking to find a way to remain here permanently. My entire family all live here as permanent residents and I am overjoyed to finally be able to be with my Canadian girlfriend. I work in medical sales (NOC 0611 and...