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    Rescheduling Oath Ceremony

    Hello All, My inital Oath Ceremony on July 2 had to be postponed due to Travel plans. I have already sent them an email and notified IRCC on the same requesting them to give me a new date. Its been past one month. how much longer before they reschedule my appointment ?

    Super Visa for Mother In Law

    Hi, Can I sponsor my mother in law for Super Visa.

    Super Visa for Mother In Law

    Hello All, Can I be a co-signor for sponsoring my Mother in Law for Super Visa ?

    Fund Requirement for Super Visa

    Hello All, Myself and my wife are sponsoring our Mom ( 1 person ) for Super Visa, Although we have enough income to support her.But lately we have not had any savings. Will an inconsistency in maintaining bank balance affect our case ? OR. Is applying for a visitor visa safe ?

    Post Graduate work permit - Province change

    Good day to all, I recently completed my Master in Mechanical Eng. in Ontario. I will be applying for my work permit as soon as I get my Transcripts. I have below questions, please can someone help me with their inputs 1) I am planning to move to BC since I have Family members...