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    applicants who r ready to land or who already landed in calgary

    friends, I need to know views and suggestions, who already landed or ready to land in Calgary...I need know my visa is valid till 08/13 granted on end of October...Is it a problem to land after 6 months once visa grante...I am really confused. please share experiences and views... thanks in...

    Applicants attended interview at VO and been asked for documents.

    Hello friends, I am creating this thread for the applicants who attended interview and have been asked to send more documents, please join this thread and share your status and timeline .. Best wishes Ritu

    Discussing -applicants who had interview, please discuss what kind of questions

    Hello Friends, I am creating this thread to know the experience of applicants who already had interview in VO, please elaborate the questiones to be asked by IO on the basis of Job Experience.... Good luck to all... Ritu

    interview scheduled in Syd (AUZ) but one of the applicant (minor) is overseas,

    Dear Members, Please share your experience, my interview schedule for 13/6 in Sydney (Australia) but my son (5 yrs.) he is in India, its very hard to bring him over here as he does not have any Aus. Visa and his passport is expiring in July 2012...Please share experience. thanks a lot...

    post june applicants received letter from VO to wait 12 months, after 2nd AOR

    Hello Friends, I would like applicants, to join this threads who got any letter from VO to wait 12 more months after 2nd AOR or RBVO stage.....I got a letter 2+weeks ago, that I should not contact VO before 12 more months...This is just Insane.....Qoarx sir and seniors, If you read this thread...


    seniors please help... I have question...why some of us having 2 AOR's and some is only 1...Mine VO is Sydney (AUS), I have AOE too...please answer my query. my status is RBVO since 8th April 11... thanks ritu

    can someone tell why some of us having only one AOR and after this MED....

    I found some members they are having one AOR and after this MED...whereas some forum members have two AOR.....Please clarify, seniors... regards Ritu

    Anyone has AEO....lets make a network

    Hello Friends, Please make a network and share the timelines, VO and other experience, if any. my status is as follows.;_ AEO received in November 2010... Applied in Jan 2011 to NS Got Positive AOR from NS on March 21st, 2011 Status...."eligibility review complete, u will receive a letter...

    application processing time with AEO..

    Hello Friends, Please share your experience, I have postive AEO and i received 1st AOR from NS one week my local VO is Sydney (AUS)...How long it will take from here in getting 2nd AOR.... thanks Ritu

    eligibilty reviewed and sent a letter

    Hi everyone, I just check my e-status, which is stating that "elgibitlity reviewed and sent a letter on 21st March from VO, Sydney...."...What does this mean....Is this a part of processing. Please share words....Seniors please help. regards Ritu

    how local visa office process the files, once they receive the file

    Hi friends, Please share your words that how do u think, visa office work once they receive our file. What are the steps? regards Ritu

    company overtake by others

    Hi friends, Please share words the experience i was using on my application where i have worked for 4 years has been overtaken by other cpmpany. does it effect on my processing. my file is on first state with NS. please share your words. thanks Ritu ???

    how long it takes in getting response from nova scotia

    please share your comments if any....I have approved arranged employment. cheers

    How long it takes in processing at Nova Scotia....

    Hello there, just would like to know that how long it takes in processing at nova scotia..i already got my approval from HRSDC...going to apply in Nova Scotia within 1 week..please share your experience. thanks