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  1. PrincessButtercup

    Cancellation of OWP Application - Question

    In case anyone has encountered this issue themselves, I wanted to close the loop and say that a cheque was cut to me for the full application fee on January 5th. To say that I was both surprised and delighted is an understatement.
  2. PrincessButtercup

    Cancellation of OWP Application - Question

    I submitted my PR and OWP applications in October 2019. In September 2020 I received PR. Never received an OWP (a whole different story). After I received PR I tried to cancel my OWP application in GC Key, and ideally receive a refund (one would think) for those application fees. Never really...
  3. PrincessButtercup

    Best method to exchange USD to CAD

    Not sure if you've figured this out yet, but look up "Norbert's Gambit." Takes a little bit of legwork on your end, but it's the best way to avoid a nasty exchange rate, BY FAR. I've been using this method for about a year now to covert my USD salary into CAD. Good luck! Edit to add...
  4. PrincessButtercup

    USA and Canada Tax Help???

    Not sure if you've figured this out yet or not, but you do not need a SSN or ITIN number for her in order to file your US taxes as "Married, Filing Separately." I went through this with my 2019 taxes and figured out how to do it one way, but for 2020's taxes I took a different route (still...
  5. PrincessButtercup

    Tax Time--Filing US State Taxes

    Question for all US citizens residing and working in Canada: You obviously still file US federal taxes. But, do you file state taxes? My situation: US citizen; Canadian PR Started work for a US-based company in 2020 I work as a 1099 contractor for said US-based company I have a mailing address...
  6. PrincessButtercup

    OHIP - when can my spouse apply?

    Strange, it was a while ago that I received AIP -- but still during COVID-19 times -- and I was able to print out what I was sent via email and present that for my OHIP application. On that letter there should be the IRCC logo w/ Canadian flag and address at the top; even if printed in black and...
  7. PrincessButtercup

    ****OCTOBER 2019 Inland Spousal Sponsorship****

    Unfortunately there's no way to tell if they received it, but you could always send a Webform if a bunch of time has passed by with no card. My card took exactly 2 months to receive, but we are talking about the timeframe of late-September to late-November last year. Things could be moving...
  8. PrincessButtercup

    ****OCTOBER 2019 Inland Spousal Sponsorship****

    @Alex1985 The progress bar will hit 100% when 1) your application is completed/decision is made in under 12 months, or 2) the12-month mark passes, regardless of the actual status of your application. Unfortunately when it hits 100% because of the latter reason, it doesn't reset itself based the...
  9. PrincessButtercup

    Norbert's Gambit for changing USD to CAD

    I have a question about using Norbert's gambit for exchanging my USD to CAD. I understand the process but my question is: Can I buy the stock in USD from my US bank account (Wells Fargo) and then have my "earnings" paid out to my Canadian bank account (TD chequing account), or do I need to...
  10. PrincessButtercup

    ****OCTOBER 2019 Inland Spousal Sponsorship****

    Thant's great news in time for the holiday! Congratulations!
  11. PrincessButtercup


    I thought that the PR card app can only be linked once IRCC has received your photo and entered it into their system. It doesn't take a long time, but I'd give it at least a week. Once you get the birth city figured out though, it's worth a try at any time!
  12. PrincessButtercup

    PR card application

    PR received 9/28, PR card photo and letter mailed in on either 9/28 or 9/29 (I received my COPR kind of early on 9/28, so I might have gotten my new picture taken in and mailed that same day). I'm not 100% sure of the date they were received, but let's say 9/30. After they receive the photo...
  13. PrincessButtercup


    I was having the same issue. I had to go back and look at my PR application paperwork to see what I put down as my city of birth there (it has a strange spelling and is a place I hardly ever reference, which is why I didn't know if off the top of my head). Once I found that and entered it online...
  14. PrincessButtercup

    PR card application

    It was about a day after I mailed it, which was a day after receiving PR. I mailed it to Ottawa, and I live in the NCR, so it got there very quickly. I was able to link on GC Key very shortly thereafter,
  15. PrincessButtercup

    ****OCTOBER 2019 Inland Spousal Sponsorship****

    After AIP and DM is COPR via PDF letter to your email and GC Key (assuming you don't have a representative. If you do, they will receive it, as per the process). Once you have both of those, COPR usually comes relatively quickly. The COPR letter will give you instructions on what to mail in to...
  16. PrincessButtercup


    Congratulations! If you're in Ontario, definitely get your OHIP application taken care of at a Service Canada ASAP. Bring your ID and PRINTED COPR letter with you. They will not accept a COPR letter that you just show them on your phone. You'll get your OHIP number on the spot, with the card to...
  17. PrincessButtercup

    Identity History Summary

    @datguyforcanada If this helps any, I received my Identity History Summary Request on April 8, 2019. I submitted my RP application on October 28, 2019. I received PR on September 28, 2020. I was never asked for an updated IHDR, or any criminal reports or background checks from the 2 states I...
  18. PrincessButtercup

    PR card application

    Yes, my PR card application. I believe I checked my GC Key on November 28 and the status had changed to approved.
  19. PrincessButtercup

    Need help applying for US Police Clearance from Canada

    What area of Canada are you in? I Googled "FBI fingerprint channeler in Canada" and found this: If you aren't in the GTA, it seems like there are other options, as well. Good luck!
  20. PrincessButtercup

    Open Work Permits not being approved even when meeting eligibility criteria

    I wanted to close the loop on my situation for anyone that may be reading this in the future. I never received my work permit. Not at AIP, not after CORP. The application is still showing as "Submitted" in my GCKey, even though I've tried to cancel it. After submitting several webforms...