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    sponsoring husband in the philippines...

    I have 3 primary complaints launched through, and supported by, my Member of Parliament to the Minister of Immigration, Jason Kenney. I am in the process of drafting a letter for media publication that outlines and exposes these inefficiencies that affect our lives so deeply and negatively. I...
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    Manila Embassy

    Manila's posted timeline guideline is: Spouses/Common-law Partners/Dependant Children Within 6 months from receipt of a completed application from the Case Processing Centre in Mississauga (Canada). Recently, many cases are coming out of Manila completed in 4's hard not to be...
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    Being denied is not easy ( sponsor for Spousal Visa )

    I agree with BettyPage now that I think about it..........sheesh........where do these dummies come from?
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    Being denied is not easy ( sponsor for Spousal Visa )

    This makes me very disappointed. No wonder the process is so difficult for the rest of us who genuinely want our spouses here to build a life together..... Sorry, I don't have any comforting words for you, man, you're the very reason why we all wait so long....cases like yours create suspicion...
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    I agree, I wish everyone would just use trackitt.........
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    Background/Criminal Checks

    Wow, your visa office is fast! Oh, and thanks for the reply :-)
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    Background/Criminal Checks

    Does anyone know for sure whether further background/criminal checks are done on the sponsor after the file has begun being processed in the overseas visa office? Or is that all done in Mississauga before it's sent to the overseas visa office? I would think this would all be complete before...
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    Emails as a proof

    Suin, I was just approved for sponsorship so I am early in the game. As a side note, I printed my chat logs on both sides of the page to reduce the number of pages. Obviously, 2000 would be a bit much. In that case, I would do as was suggested here by the other members and pick and choose a...
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    Emails as a proof

    I agree with ariell, I got the same response from CIC. So I sent them everything. The box weighed 10 lbs. Sending a large amount of proof can't hurt you in my opinion. The trick is to avoid them not being convinced and asking for more proof. I didn't want that delay so they have everything...
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    April 2009 Manila Outlanders

    Re: Any April Outlanders waiting on CPC-Mississauga? Now it's off to Manila and the real wait begins. A few girls got their visas recently in 4 months total from Mississauga receiving sponsorship app to Manila issuing visa. That's very quick and runs contrary to the posted timelines. In...
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    Sponsor with criminal record

    It's fairly clear: if you have been convicted of any violent (i.e., assault) or *censored word*ual offense (of any kind) against any family member, you aren't eligible. If the conviction was more than 5 years ago and a pardon has been granted you may still be eligible. Try various searches...
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    letters from family and sponsor and sponsored applicant

    I wondered this myself. Although it does indicate on the sponsors application that we can include additional evidence of our relationship etc, I still included the letters in the PR application envelope. I also included a copy of my own personal letter in the sponsorship app as well as the PR...
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    April 2009 Manila Outlanders

    Re: Any April Outlanders waiting on CPC-Mississauga? They are processing applications up to March 20th. They say 35 days but rarely does it actually take that long.
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    April 2009 Manila Outlanders

    Updated April 3rd, 2009 - Application Fedexed to CPC Mississauga April 7th, 2009 - Application Received by CPC Mississauga April 28th, 2009 - “Decision Made” and file sent to Manila according to e-CAS. April 29th, 2009 - First able to logon to e-CAS. May 1st, 2009 - Received sponsorship...
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    Landing-pearson airport

    I'm curious about our case where the father of my wife's daughter is not on the birth certificate. He took off to Manila after she got pregnant and she hasn't had any contact with him since nor does she have any clue as to his whereabouts. If they're going to ask for a "letter" from the...
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    Does TRV help or hinder PR Application ?

    Re: PMM - Does TRV help or hinder PR Application ? You know, I've thought about that, too, but to be honest if I had my wife here I doubt very much I could let her go back. I would keep her here and change the application to inland. I think a lot of people would do that. Hence, I doubt they...
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    Proof of relationiship - letter

    My wife translated the letters from her mother and father. If they don't like it, they can tell us and we'll send them one in tagalog ;-)
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    refusal arrived

    Hm, interesting case.  It's very difficult to know exactly why you were refused but clearly the IO saw something that gave rise to suspicion.  I think it's important for anyone in our situation to acknowledge those things that may lead to suspicion and address them directly in the application...
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    Moroccan Girl

    You can take it however you like but it was intended to be in good humor. Not sure how you could read it any another way....
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    Moroccan Girl

    hm....maybe I should have married a Moroccan. The Moroccan thread is miles long! LOL