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  1. seton

    July 2017 Citizenship applicants

    Test invite letter: November 6 Test date: December 6
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    July 2017 Citizenship applicants

    It's more common to get one before the test invite, but it has happened both ways.
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    July 2017 Citizenship applicants

    Just a small update to mine, got a fingerprint request on October 5th, did them electronically on October 23rd.
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    July 2017 Citizenship applicants

    My application is "in process" as of September 1
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    Immigration through study under Bill C-6

    Focus on picking the right career first. Immigration rules change all the time. What Bs65 outlined is what the process looks like today, but it could change in the future. The path described takes at least 7 years under even Bill C-6 when it goes into full effect from Student Status to...
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    July 2017 Citizenship applicants

    Received my AOR this morning
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    July 2017 Citizenship applicants

    Location: Winnipeg Application type: Single Days Completed - 1484 days Application Sent - July 25, 2017 Application Delivered - July 27, 2017
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    Effective date of Bill C24

    There are only 2 real requirement to receiving a CPP pension - you must make at least 1 payment (i.e. one deduction from your payroll) and you must be at retirement age (or early retirement age). CPP deduction are taken from any type of legal resident, including temporary, permanent, and...
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    Effective date of Bill C24

    Just FYI - you are entitled to a CPP pension regardless of whether you are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, temporary resident, or no longer reside in Canada upon retirement. You can collect CPP while living in another country.
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    Brutal Winter and a Jobless Immigrant family

    Actually that's not true (the cost is, but the reasons not). The primary reasons that airfare is cheaper in the US is due to a combination of tax structure and population density. The US gov't largely subsidizes air transportation through low/no airport taxes (including lack of property taxes...
  11. seton

    Express Entry, does govt support if laid off?

    1. EI is primarily available only if you have been laid off, and only if you have worked for around 700 hours (varies by city, the formula is based on a couple different factors). You pay EI premiums on every paycheque - as such you need to pay into the system to be able to get the benefits if...
  12. seton

    Travel from Canada to USA as a Canadian PR - how to reset visa waiver clock.

    This is not true - as of mid-2013, the US and Canada share exits with each other for non-citizens.
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    LMIA process - from my experience/positive result/less than 10 employees company

    The employer is supposed to pay the LMIA fee, and it isn't supposed to be part of the reported wages . If the employer plans to deduct the $1,000 from the employee, the wage used in the LMIA application should be the net wages (gross wage less any associated fees), otherwise the entire wage...
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    permanent residency is a privilege not a right so please stop signing petitions

    The problem with the petition is that it is lobbying for something that contradicts what the CIC said about the Express Entry system. In discussing the launch of EE, the CIC has explicitly said that they expect a vast number of invitations for the first year to be given to folks without...
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    Applying for a tax refund as a former temporary worker from outside Canada

    There's a lot of variables here depending on what part of the year you left Canada, any assets/accounts/ties you may still have, and the tax treaties with Germany. I would suggest starting here Regardless, you can file a paper return...
  16. seton

    What are you doing, Revenue Quebec?

    Well I'm sure they must have provided you with some documentation - did they retroactively asses you as a resident? did you get a tax credit (such as the GST/HST credit for 2012)? Could be many reasons - I would suggest reviewing whatever documentation they provided you.
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    PR Travel Document required for UK citizen?

    As mentioned above, the CBSA should be able to determine that you're a PR if you carry your COPR with you. However the only potential hiccup is being able to board a plane. Some airlines require that you have a return ticket if you're traveling on a tourist like visa (exempt or not). Reason...
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    LMIA process - from my experience/positive result/less than 10 employees company

    I would caution everyone that would the OP did was illegal, and given the current political climate in Canada, I wouldn't be surprised if the ESDC audited the employer's payroll in the future. The government has a lot of information (personal tax returns, corporate tax returns, EI claims) which...
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    I'm very sorry for your loss. Travel documents at embassies vary in processing time - I've heard of it being done the same day and in some cases up to 2 weeks. It is probably highly dependent on how good your documentation is and whether there is any ambiguity. Note that the primary reason for...
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    EE is unfair in its selection process for full-timers working in Canada on PGWP

    The CIC definition of full time is what is recognized by the school. For universities that is often taking at least 3 full credit courses per term, but it differs between institutions. It will probably be difficult to do them all as night classes, but I know many full time students that only...