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    NEW PR Card processing timelines using new portal to submit docs 2021

    Hi All, Please use this space to post your new PR card processing timelines who submitted documents using the new PR portal.
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    Missed giving salary slips along with current employer experience letter in my pr application

    Hi, Firstly, I really appreciate your time for reading my queries and helping me out. I missed giving salary slips along with my current employer's experience letter in my pr application. Will I be able to add those details now? If yes, please let me know the steps. I missed giving my first...
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    Forgot to give my 1st company experience details in Express entry profile but gave it in PR application.

    Hi, I totally missed giving my 1st company experience details in express entry profile but I made sure I gave it in PR application details so that it doesn't get missed out. Will this cause any issues with my pr application. Please let me know. Thanks, Satya
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    Got ITA- Have questions about spouse non-canadian work experience and proof of funds.

    Hi, I got ITA recenlty. I have couple of questions. 1. In my express entry profile, I selected my wife's non-canaidan experience as Yes. Now moving to PR application I have to submit experience letters because I selected Yes for her past experience(non-canadian) in PR application. We are not...