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  1. haral

    ****Honda Civic Si for Sale in Mississauga****

    Hi, I am leaving Canada for few months and looking to sell my used car. Any new immigrants in Canada looking to buy a used Honda are welcome to contact me here. Make/Model: Honda Civic Si - 2004 Color: Blue Mileage: 220,000/ KM Transmission: Automatic Power terrain transferable warranty for...
  2. haral

    ***Major Milestones Achieved - 3 Months down the Line***

    Hi All, I have been an active member of this forum since April 2010 and this forum played a pivotal role in keeping my spirits throughout the immigration process till June 2014 when in landed in Canada. Throughout this duration I have across various threads where people reported desperate...
  3. haral

    CIIP Session in Lahore on 16th March

    Hi, Anyone coming to the CIIP session on 16th March Sunday held in Lahore. would love to get in touch.
  4. haral

    COPR & Visas' Received

    Dear All, Much anticipated Visas' have arrived. all praises to ALLAH..... Thank you everyone of the forum members. its been a long journey this process of would not have been very possible without help and guidance from forum members i.e. Saki, Qoraz, Leon, PMM and many many...
  5. haral

    *****Passports Sent to Islamabad CHC - Waiting for Visas*****

    Please join this thread if you have sent passports to Islamabad CHC and waiting for visa issuance. Please also mention the date passports were sent on...i sent mine on 19th Feb and still waiting.
  6. haral

    Inquiry related to Passport's Expiry

    Hi, I recently recieved the medical request. the concern i have is that i heard one's passport should be valid for one year from the date passport request is sent by the visa office? is that true? since hopefully i will recieve it by Aug/Sep and my passport's validity is till March 2015.
  7. haral

    Advice Needed - P103 Updated Forms Request

    Hi, I need advice. i have recently recieved updatede forms request from visa office. the first form is requested for principal applicant. nothing mentioned against number two and three whether spouse's details are also needed. 4th one requests forms for both principal applicant and spouse. i...
  8. haral

    Dear Qorax: Plx help interpret these caips notes

    Dear Qorax, Please help interpret these caips notes. 1- there's no reference of ECU which is the case with many wait letter cases under late M1 cases. 2- i have already submitted with my application the matriculation certificate as an alterntaive of spouse's birth certificate. 3- an affadacit is...
  9. haral

    London CHC- M1 Pre june applicants: Full Docs submitted in Oct-Nov-Dec 2010

    Hi, Anybody who recieved CAIPS/GCMS notes. whats the BFD/due date? Please reply only if you are a M1 pre june rules applicant who has submitted full docs in Oct - Nov or Dec 2010 to London CHC..
  10. haral

    Anyone got CAIPS London CHC - Full App submitted on oct-Nov-Dec 2010 -

    Hi, please share if anyone has got CAIPS/GCMS report. only for applicants who submitted their full applications to London VO in last quarter of 2010 from pre june rules.
  11. haral

    more FSW in 2012
  12. haral

    CIC Begins Consultations on 2012 Immigration level Plan Hope they announce increased quota on 1st Nov-2011...
  13. haral

    Guys Check this out

    NOC Caps and dates updated..
  14. haral

    AORs from London VO - Full Apps sent in October

    Hi, If you have sent your full app to London VO in October-2010 than please update.. The date your full app was recieved @ London VO: ????? AOR issuance date: ????? eCAS status: ????? thanks
  15. haral

    Any 3143 (Occupational Therapist) here?

    Hi, if you have currently applied under 3143 Noc code than please join this thread & comment on your application status..........
  16. haral

    Status Errors in eCAS

    i think the status error problem is happening because of different status protocols followed for pre june 26th and post june 26th-10 applicants - now at time visa officers confuse the two and thats whats causing these errors. Application should go directly to In Process from CIO review complete...
  17. haral

    Courier`s POD shows Docs recieved by Faheem in Lambeth

    I couriered my full application to London VO on following address: Immigration Section Canadian High Commission 38 Grosvenor Street London, UK W1K 4AA DHL`s online proof of delivery is showing it was recieved by Faheem in Lambeth. Just need to clear whether the above mentioned address lies...
  18. haral

    Pakistani Applicants: Complete File Submission: London VO in Nov-2010

    Hi All, Lets keep in touch through this thread if you have or going to submit your complete application from Pakistan to London visa office in Nov-2010.... Good luck & GOD speed to us all....................
  19. haral

    Canada`s Immigration Plan for 2011

    Government of Canada announces 2011 immigration plan Ottawa, November 1, 2010 — The Government of Canada will maintain high immigration levels to help sustain the economic recovery, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney announced today upon tabling the annual...
  20. haral

    Effective Reference Letters -

    Hi, I have been reading lots of posts about applications being declined on the basis of poorly presented reference letters, JDs not being mentioned properly, or missing small details in reference letters which can have an negative affect on your otherwise good chances of being approved. Well...