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    Online visitor visa for parents

    Can i apply for TRV visa for my parents online through my CIC account ? If yes do i need to fill user representative form ?
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    Java/Python developers

    One of my friend is looking for Java and Python developer(s) with 5-8 years of very strong experience. PM if anyone is interested , will share detailed requirements. Please note that you need to be available for face to face interview so folks with PR/Citizen available in Canada should only...
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    QSW-Federal PR -Inland applicants only

    Any updates on DM ?
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    Query # Do we just need soft copy of PCC in express entry ??plz help

    Can some one please confirm do we need only soft copies of PCC ,which we upload once we get express entry notification or we also need hard copy in later stage ? any help /suggestions will be appreciated .. TIA
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    Federal AOR not received(CSQ received) . Also got Express entry invitation

    I have query (or Dilemma :-) ) .. so here is the case i have received CSQ last year as an primary applicant and applied for federal PR-Nocv 16 AOR not yet received . My spouse as primary applicant applied for express entry and have received invitation . I am in dilemma should i apply for...